Friday, October 31, 2008

Memory Keeper: Makes a perfect gift

Top View:
I made this Memory Keeper for a friend of mine. The top piece is a pocket that holds the tags. It didn't take long at all to make and it was so fun. Also the Memory Keeper will fold flat for easy storage.

Inside View:
You can put just about any gift you can think of in this fun box. My friend loves chocolate so I filled it with "Snickers" You can never go wrong with chocolate. Also it's the perfect fit for a 9x9 album or memory showcase.

Side View:
You can add accessories or anything to the side if you want to embellish the box a little more.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gifts For A Friend: Treat Box

Front View:

Yes, this little box makes a great gift and works up very fast. I filled it with some chocolate. You can use this box for any occasion by just changing the paper pack and stamps you use on it. This is perfect for teenagers to make cheap fun gifts for there friends. They can add some chocolate or lip gloss and have the perfect gift in a matter of minutes. I do have a pattern that I will try to get posted in the next few days.

Back View:

Top View:

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nov Kit of the Month-"Notebook"

I loved working with this kit. It is so versatile and will fit almost any photos you have. Email Lynette for details at
Photo Suggestions:
Left- 8x10, 4x4
Right- 4x4 (3)

Brandon is very photogenic. He never takes a bad photo. These photos were taken on our family vacation to Belize. The area was very beautiful and the river was so full because they had just had a week of rain.
Photo Suggestions:
Left- 8x10
Right- 4x4, 4x6 (2)
Rachael sent me these photos of some of her college friends. This kit was the perfect fit for the photos. The right hand page has a corner pocket with a tag that pulls out for journaling.
Photo Suggestions:
Left- 8x10
Right-5x7 (2)

Oct Kit of the Month-"Perfect Day"

Lauren loves to play outside in the back yard. She love to play with the dogs as well as jump on the tramp. This layout was perfect for her because she is truly "An Original" and keeps us on our toes keeping up with her.

Rachael loves to read. She buys a book and will read it several times. On our family vacation this summer she bought the next book in the series "Twilight" she almost had it finished by the time we got back home. It's all good because loving to read is a great hobby to have.

Alyssa loves animals. Her dog Simba which was a golden lab of 14 years passed away this Spring. She handled the loss much better than we thought she would. She did remind us all summer that there will never be another Simba. However by the end of summer she just could not handle not having a dog.

She wanted to rescue a dog so went to the animal shelter. She found a chocolate lab that was about one year old and she fell in love with him. So two days later we found ourselved back at the shelter filling out the paperwork to adopt him. She named him Nitro. He has really fit into our family well and loves our beagle-Shilo.


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