Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Page 8-5

Today is going to be busy so I better get moving along.   Here are the next set of four pages.  ENJOY!!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Page 12-9

The countdown continues.  Keep working on your books.  It will all be worth it when you are finished.  Pages 12-9 are posted below.  Page 10 is my favorite page in the book.  Do you have a favorite page?  If so let me know.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Page 16-13

Sorry for all of you that were expecting four more pages to be posted yesterday.  I worked at the hospital all day and I almost didn't make it inside the front door before I collapsed.  Very difficult day.  Remember to tell your doctors and nurses how much you appreciate them.  You probably have no idea what they actually go through in order to save your life.

OK now that I am done with my pity party lets see pages 19-16.  Keep working hard on your books they are turning out so amazing.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Page 20-17

How are you books coming along? Hope you are ready for the next set of pages. Below are pages 20-17

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Page 24-21

Ok lets take a look inside this fun book.  Posted below are pages 24,23,22,21.   Have fun making your first four pages.

Check back for more pages.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Countdown-Cover

Christmas is quickly approaching.  I have the perfect project to help you count down the days to Christmas so you can keep track exactly how many shopping days left.  This project was shared with my by a CTMH sister consultant by the name of Diana.  She is so awesome and talented.  I believe she said someone shared it with her so I apologize I don't know the original creator.

I just took Diana's templates and put my own spin on it and then added tons and tons of my favorite thing in the world-ACCESSORIES.  I have had to much fun making the project.  I will post all the pages, but let's start with the cover.  All supplies can be ordered on my website at

Check back soon for the first set of pages.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Photo Class Week 5- "Passion"

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I have not had a minute to be on the computer for more than a few minutes for the past week.  I had family coming into town from Colorado for the holidays and we were so excited, because they don't get away very often.  Therefore I wanted everything to be perfect with the house, meals and entertaining.  Everything came off with a big success and we all had a wonderful time together.

So because of all the preparation and fun we were having I didn't have a minute to post my last and final photo class homework assignment.  I always feel that family comes first.  So with that said I am super late but I wanted to post the last and final assignment so I can feel as if I successfully completed this great class.

I want to first thank Brooke for teaching me so much in such a short time.  This class has been so enjoyable and I have enjoyed every minute so thank you Brooke and I hope you offer more photo classes.  I also want to thank my BFF Nicole, because without her I would have never hooked up with Brooke.  Nicole you are such a great blessing in my life.

One of the many, many new skills I learned in this class is I now view my surroundings and the world completely different.  I see the world as a beautiful art canvas with so many opportunities to capture this beauty through photography.  As I go through my busy day I stop and think "ohh that would be a great photo spot or opportunity"   So with that said our last assignment was to pick a few photos that represent something to you that is special.  It didn't have to be photos you take during week 5 or even photos that you took. Just something that you are passionate about.

So as I thought about this the first thing that came to my mind of course was family and friends.  That would have been so easy for me to post something about my awesome family.  However, I decided I want to think of something else that I love because I always photograph my family.  So of course the next thing I am very passionate about is "Travel/Nature"

I love to travel and I love to experience nature.  I especially love mountains and since I grew up in the Colorado Rockies I have been surrounded by mountains from the moment I took my first breath. When my husband and I graduated from college our first job took us to Florida.  Now I must say Florida is a wonderful and beautiful place and we have a time share in Florida and visit it every year.  However when we were there I missed the mountains so much.  Long story short after living in Florida two years we moved back to the west and have lived in Utah for 21 years where I can see the beautiful mountains everyday.

So for my assignment I chose to post some photos I have taken of the mountains.  I decided to also include my love of travel in the assignment.  So as I reflected on the many places I have traveled my favorite places have been Switzerland and New Zealand.  Why do I love these two places so much?  It's the MOUNTAINS that I love, love, love.  It reminds me of my childhood when my dad would take me up to the mountains frequently each summer.  I remember the fresh air and the peace I would feel standing on the crisp ground surrounded by tall trees as I looked up into the sky that was so beautiful.
This photo was taken from my hotel room in Switzerland.  It was breathtaking.
f 3.5
ISO 125

These Swiss Alps were so amazing.   There is just not words to describe the beauty and feelings that I experienced. 
f 3.5
ISO 100

This two photos were taken at Milford Sound, New Zealand.  The mountains and landscape was also breath taking and amazing.
f 5.7
ISO 100

Of course nothing accents the beautiful mountains better than a waterfall coming off the mountain.
f 5.6
ISO 100

Well I have come to the conclusion that me and my camera need to go back to Switzerland and New Zealand.  I photographed all these photos the wrong way with the wrong aperture and shutter speed. However, in my defense they were shot in auto because that is all I knew.  Now I would photograph these in manual   Good grief if only I would have known then what I know now.  Well that is the perfect excuse to go back (like I really needed an excuse)  Until then I hope you enjoy my love for mountains as much as I do.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Photo Class Week 4-"Using Natural Light"

This week Brooke taught us about using natural light.  I love natural light and it was so exciting to learn how to really utilize the light to get the look you want and the many different looks you can get by manipulating the light.  Yes it was another "light bulb went on" week.  Thanks Brooke this was such an amazing class.  Actually, I might suggest that you teach this "Natural Light" class before the "Composition" class.  I would have positioned my subjects completely different last week if I would have known what I know now.  TEEHEEE I am getting very dangerous.

With that said I loved the phrase you used "Choose your light first and then location second"  Well I am not very pleased with my photos this week.  The two days that I was able to grab my camera the weather was terrible.  When you looked up at the sky you saw nothing but very dark and grey.  I have not seen any life of the sun for three days.  So I want to start by saying that I plan to take plenty more photos of "Natural Light" the second I see the sun.

Sidelight:  First assignment was to capture light coming from the side.  Here I placed Lauren in front of her window to help grab the sunlight.
f 2.8
ISO 400

Back light:  Next assignment was to capture the light from the back of the subject.  This photo was taken mid week in the middle of the day and the last day that I saw sun.  Shortly after taken this photo those darn grey clouds moved in and well they are still here.
f 2.8
ISO 400

Front light:  Next assignment was to take a front light photo.  Well the greatest thing about this weekend was my two college daughters came home for the weekend due to some family activities we had going on.  So of course I grabbed them to take this photo.  This was taken around 3:00pm and it was very dark, dreary and cold outside.  Well I must say my two girls asked me to put this photo on facebook and tag them so I guess the cold dark day was worth it.
f  2.8
ISO 200

f 1.8
ISO 400
f 1.8
ISO 400

Natural Reflector: We were then assigned to find a natural reflector.  Here I used the white garage door to reflect light back on the subject.

f 2.8
ISO 200

f 2.8
ISO 200

Silhouette: Ok here is where I FAILED MISERABLY.   I wanted so bad for this to work.  I wanted to get a Silhouette/Sunburst of the Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple.  I know it can be achieved because I have been on the temple grounds around sunset and have seen the sun wrap around the Temple so beautifully.  No worries I will not let this beat me.  The first evening the sun is actually out I will try this again.

I did wait about 45 minutes in hopes that there would been some sort of a break in the clouds but, no such luck.  So the best thing I could do is adjust my white balance to "Tungsten" to get this look
 f 4
ISO 100

I am going to go ahead and post this photo of a silhouette.  This was taken about two weeks ago and was able to capture a silhouette by accident. I looked out my kitchen window as the sun was setting the sky was so beautiful that I wanted to take a photo of the beautiful sky, but what I got was a silhouette and didn't even know it.
f 22
ISO 1600

Well that is all I have for this week.  Thanks for stopping by.  You will probably find me out somewhere around sunset trying to capture my silhouette and sunburst photos.  I love this technique so I am determined to perfect it.  Have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photo Class Week 3-"Composition"

Ohhh goodness my homework for week three is very late.  Last week was very hectic then when I did have a moment my models (the kids) were never home when I was.  However, the last couple of days I have been battling some bad weather so finally today as soon as my models got home from school we were off to take photos and did I mention I had to bribe them with food.

Week three we focused on composition as we learned about lines, shapes, colors, patterns, framing, simplicity and texture.  I found myself looking around all week as I was driving thinking "OHHH that location would be a great composition shot"  and a couple of times I caught myself thinking "I wounder if that homeowner would consider me trespassing if I jumped that fence and took a photograph of my kids in front of that great colorful door."  So I decided I better not trespass, but I sure was tempted.  WOW the possibilities with composition are endless.  Can't wait to take more photos. 
F 7.1
ISO 200

F 9
ISO 200
Well I have always loved photos taken along the old railroad tracks.  I always thought it was because I love the urban, rustic look but after this weeks lesson it's the lines and shapes of the tracks that makes the photo so fun and interesting.  My challenge was that it was starting to get dark.  Hey Brooke I wanted to use the rule of thirds and place Brandon on the right side, but there is a road on the left side of that track and I could not get him in the view finder exactly where I wanted him.  i probably should have positioned myself a little better. 

I hope to convince my family to come with me to the tracks this weekend and take some family photos for our Christmas cards and have a little more sun for better lighting.

F 2.8
ISO 400
F 22
ISO 400

Well here I loved the horizontal lines of the bridge.

Brandon has a few trees growing out of his head with this shot which I didn't even notice when I was taking the photo.  It's so hard to remember everything at the click of a button.

Thanks for taking a minute to look.  If you see me in your backyard taking photos don't call the cops.  Just know I am practicing my composition skills.  Have a great week.

Greatful and Phase Two of Treatments

I am so very grateful for so many things, but especially so grateful for each of you.  There was a knock at my door a couple weeks ago.  I went to the door and to my surprise it was my lovely downline Sharon.  I was so surprised and thrilled to see her.  She handed me this beautiful card and said to me we all missed you at "Leadershare".  WOW I was so surprised.  Leadershare is a CTMH event that was held a few weeks ago in Ogden and due to limited registration I was unable to get registered in time to attend, but had many fall clean up activities planned with my husband that day so was feeling OK for not getting registered in time.

After Sharon left I found a relaxing spot and opened the card expecting to see a couple of signatures.  However to my surprise I opened the card to find the card completely filled on the inside and back of card with signatures of those that attended "Leadershare" expressing so much love, thoughts and prayers my way.

I have to say there was so much power of love in that card that I just wanted to thank all of you so much and express to you how touched I was.  Actually to be honest I could feel so much love and support that it made me cry.  It's OK because Fred was out of town so it was a much needed cry. So THANKS so much to all of you that signed and sent wishes and prayers my way and thanks to the person who made the beautiful card.

TREATMENT UPDATE:  Well while I am here blogging away I have had many want to know the latest on our treatments so I will quickly update you.  This last week was a difficult and emotional week.  We had some big appointments and had to make the decision to do radiation.  The doctors feel this is the prime time to radiate while the tumor is as small as possible in order to kill that ugly thing as much as possible.  We have known all along that we would probably have to do radiation, but it's just scary.  I realized that I need to exercise more faith.  I know that fear and faith can't exist together so I need to pick one or the other so I better pick faith.

Anyway, radiation will be a daily treatment for the next six weeks.  Our Oncologist admitted to us this week that Fred did better on his chemo treatments than any of the doctors ever expected, so I know that is because of the power of prayer.  Thanks so much to all of you that remember us in your prayers and different prayer rolls and we know we have an army of support behind us.  Have a wonderful day, I love you all and keep praying-teeheheh.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Photo Class Week 2-"Shutter Speed"

I hope everyone had a great week and a very Happy Halloween.  Today was a beautiful day here in South Jordan, UT so with camera in hand I was excited to do my assignments for this weeks class.   I especially loved this lesson.  We learned about shutter speed and how to photograph action.  For those of you that know me you all know that at least 85% of the photos I take are action due to the fact all my kids have been involved in sports and sports=action.  After this week I really wish I could rewind time and re-shoot all those swimming, football and baseball photos.  OHHH well, really nothing to lose sleep over-right!!!

ASSIGNMENT ONE:  Our first assignment was to take a "Frozen Action" photo with the shutter speed around 1/1000.  Here we have Lauren jumping on the trampoline.  She loves it when I take photos of her jumping and doing all the fancy tricks she knows how to do on the trampoline.  Usually my tramp photos are blurry, but today I was able to get crystal clear photos (thanks Brooke).  I took several and decided to post this one.

ISO 400

Well one thing I did this week after learning about action from Brooke was sit at the computer and go through many of  the action photos I have taken the last couple of years(yes there are millions).  I could see what I did wrong with each photos as I reviewed the aperture, shutter speed and ISO readings of each photo.  I was totally having a "light bulb went on moment" as I reviewed some photos.  However, I am proud to say  there was a few by sure luck that I had done correctly so I want to quickly share them with you.

Taken last spring.  You may want to click on the photo to enlarge, but I was able to capture Brandon batting and was able to cature Brandon, the bat and  the baseball in the photo.
ISO 100

Taken this summer.  Lauren playing in the sprinklers.  Loved how I was able to capture her flipping her hair as she came up out of the sprinklers. 
ISO 100

ASSIGNMENT TWO:  Next assignment was to photograph something that "Implies Motion"  Here I had Brandon, Lauren and the dogs run towards me.  I set the shutter speed at 1/125, metered the camera and took  the photo.  I think the photo is a little washed out.  I forgot to adjust my ISO speed.  Brooke taking the ISO to 100 probably would have been a much better photo right? 

ISO 400

Same thing here.  I like the motion is shows other than I almost cut her head off.  So once again forgot all about lowering the ISO. 

ISO 400

This photo was one I took back in February of my daughter at the state swim meet finals.  I was very proud of this photo.  Trust me it's front and center in her scrapbook.  Brooke here I did have to really increase the ISO because the meet was inside and very dark.
ISO 800

ASSIGNMENT THREE:  Our last assignment for the week was to take a "Panning" shot.  WOW I need tons of practice here.  The photo shows our beagle "Shilo" running after a bone and a very high speed.  So how could I have made the dog a little more in focus and still blur the background.  The photo was taken at almost dusk like you suggested.

ISO 400

Thanks everyone for stopping by.  I am going to practice more this week on shutter speed and photographing action so beware.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Photo Class Week 1-"Aperture"

WOW hello everyone.  I am so embarrassed that it's been so long since I have blogged.  Once my two oldest girls left for college things have been super busy.   Anyway I am trying to get all my ducks in a row, but every time I turn around there are more ducks.

So one of my goals for a really long time is to take some photo classes and really learn more about photography since I love it so much.  So this fall I took a class at the last Scrapbook USA Expo. It was great since this is the first time in many years I choose not to be a vendor it gave me some time for myself.  The photo class was only two hours, but I learned so much.   The instructor walked around and showed each of how to use our own camera's.  It was a whirlwind class but so good.  So I wanted to build on that class and my awesome friend Nicole hooked me up with Brooke Snow. 

Brooke is a professional photographer who offers on-line photo classes.  Check out her website at   I am so excited to lean so much from Brooke.   I love how she explains things in great deal and in terms that us "photo for dummies" can understand.  I will be posting my homework for the next 6 weeks here so hopefully I will get better.  If not then there is just no hope for me. 

Our first week she taught us about aperture and metering.  After studying the tutorials I was off to do my homework assignment.  I usually shoot with a different lens but of course my college daughter borrowed it so it was good for me to use another lens for this assignment.

Assignment 1:  We were to find a "Storytelling Opportunity"  Something that has a beginning, middle and end.  HUMM this was the hardest part of the assignment.  What should I photograph?  After driving around town looking for something that would tell a story I finally drove to the Jordan River, parked my car and took a little hike.  I came upon this bridge.  I think bridges are fun and the anticipation of what is on the other side of the bridge always arouses curiosity.

Storytelling Aperture-Bridge
 This was shot with an aperture of F16
 This was shot with a "who cares" aperture of F8
and this was shot with a "singular aperture" of 5.6
I was finished with assignment 1 and was about ready to turn around and leave but first decided to really see what was on the other side of the bridge.

Well as I crossed the bridge the Jordan River was very calm and beautiful.  I felt such a feeling of serenity so I decided to repeat assignment 1 and photograph the river.  I love to photograph water in general, but especially a river or stream.  I love the look of the river where it disappears at the top of the photo.  Whatever that is called I am sure Brooke will tell us.

Storytelling Aperture-River
 "storytelling aperture" of 18
 "who cares aperture" of F8
"singular aperture" of 5.6

Assignment 2:  We were to shoot a "Who Cares Opportunity"  The subject was to be on the same plane.  I don't think I chose a very good background so it was hard to capture what I was trying to do not to mention my subject kept telling me that "I have my own homework to do MOM"

Who Cares Aperture
 "who cares aperture" F8
 "storytelling aperture" of F22
"singular aperture" of 5.6

Assignment 3:  Now we were to find a "Singular Theme Opportunity"  So  I decided to walk around my yard and find something I could photograph.  I walked around one of my rose bushes in  my front yard.  This dang rose bush I had been swearing at all summer because it just would not bloom.  The more I fertilized, watered and pampered the more stubborn it was.  However, just today for some reason it had one long steam beautiful rose at the very top of the bush.  It was a little miracle and blessing just for me.  The rose smells so amazing so I picked the rose and called it my "Last Rose of Summer"  no joke because the next day I woke up to that rose bush was covered with snow.  So for right now I am really enjoying my "Last Rose of Summer" 

Single Theme Aperture
 Here I shot the rose at a "Singular Aperture of F5.6"

 "Storytelling Aperture of F22"

shot at a "Who Cares Aperture of F8"

Well that is all for this week.  Can't wait to see what I learn in lesson two.  Have a great day.


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