Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Photo Class Week 3-"Composition"

Ohhh goodness my homework for week three is very late.  Last week was very hectic then when I did have a moment my models (the kids) were never home when I was.  However, the last couple of days I have been battling some bad weather so finally today as soon as my models got home from school we were off to take photos and did I mention I had to bribe them with food.

Week three we focused on composition as we learned about lines, shapes, colors, patterns, framing, simplicity and texture.  I found myself looking around all week as I was driving thinking "OHHH that location would be a great composition shot"  and a couple of times I caught myself thinking "I wounder if that homeowner would consider me trespassing if I jumped that fence and took a photograph of my kids in front of that great colorful door."  So I decided I better not trespass, but I sure was tempted.  WOW the possibilities with composition are endless.  Can't wait to take more photos. 
F 7.1
ISO 200

F 9
ISO 200
Well I have always loved photos taken along the old railroad tracks.  I always thought it was because I love the urban, rustic look but after this weeks lesson it's the lines and shapes of the tracks that makes the photo so fun and interesting.  My challenge was that it was starting to get dark.  Hey Brooke I wanted to use the rule of thirds and place Brandon on the right side, but there is a road on the left side of that track and I could not get him in the view finder exactly where I wanted him.  i probably should have positioned myself a little better. 

I hope to convince my family to come with me to the tracks this weekend and take some family photos for our Christmas cards and have a little more sun for better lighting.

F 2.8
ISO 400
F 22
ISO 400

Well here I loved the horizontal lines of the bridge.

Brandon has a few trees growing out of his head with this shot which I didn't even notice when I was taking the photo.  It's so hard to remember everything at the click of a button.

Thanks for taking a minute to look.  If you see me in your backyard taking photos don't call the cops.  Just know I am practicing my composition skills.  Have a great week.


Heather said...

These are great! I really like the ones on the bridge--I love the lines. :)

Brooke Snow Photography said...

Hey Lynette!

I'm so glad to see your composition assignment! I agree with you, the reason the tracks are fun is indeed because of the lines. When used as a strong compositional element to the images, the tracks can provide a "vanishing point", or of course draw your attention to your subjects.

Love the use of the Rule of thirds on your first shot!

Shot #2. Your question is how to position him to be more on the left third??? One option is instead to just move yourself. You changing your own perspective can place him where you want him if you need him to stay in the same area.

The bridge pictures are also a strong example of leading lines!

I hope the kids got a treat for their participation :)

And I'd love to see you hopping fences for the perfect photo spots :)

Charrisse and Bob said...

Wow Lynette your pictures are fantastic, you always took good pictures but these are great. I guess I should take these classes. Glad to hear about Fred, keep your chin up. I am praying for you and your family.


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