Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bingham Ball-It's all about the dress

One of the highlights in watching my girls grow up is getting them ready for a dance. Because they are so athletic it's very rare for them to get all dressed up and act girly. Therefore helping them shop for the dress is truly an mother daughter highlight that we both look forward to.

Maybe someday I will sell all the dresses and suddenly be rich. Until then we are enjoying the moment.

First Snow:

The first snow is always so much fun. The ground looks fresh and crisp. Last week I had just finished this layout and awoke the next morning to find a beautiful coat of snow on the ground. Lauren was off track so I quickly woke her up and told her that it had snowed and we need to go take pictures.

I don't think Lauren was quite as excited to take photo's as I was, but once she got outside she was having so much fun I couldn't get her to come in.

Layout and card inspired by other scrappers and stampers. Materials used: Aspen Level 2 paper pack, Stamps-Nov Stamp of the month, Feathery Flakes, Building Block Alphabet. Inks-Outdoor Denim.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Beauty of Fall:

I love this time of year when we reflect on our blessing and the many things we are grateful for. This past weekend was so beautiful. The weather was perfect and leaves were slowly falling to the ground. Before we started to rake the leaves up we had to take a few minutes and take some photos. This was truly a scrapbook moment. Usually I don't get a chance to get very good fall photos before the weather turns cold and the leaves are covered with snow. Therefore I was not going to miss this moment.

Later in the afternoon we took a little adventure around the point of the mountain to "Thanksgiving Pointe." Lauren had been asking all month to go to the pumpkin fest. However, this weekend was the first time we had a moment to go down. Alyssa was a great sport and said she would come with Lauren and I. We had a great time going through the corn maze, hayride and just doing all the fun activities they had there to do. Once again thank goodness it was great weather. Well, as you can see I was able to get some great photo's this weekend to scrapbook.


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