Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Printer and "Wings" Workshop

OHHH goodness what is one thing a scrapbooker can't live without? Her photoprinter!!!!!!! Yikes my good friend Mr. printer died.  It was a very sad day.  We had been together for three long years.  MR. HP 7200 didn't even give me any signs or symptoms that he was sick.  He just died instantly.  It's all good cause I traded him in for a new one.  Let me introduce you to MR. HP C410.  Hopefully we can have a great life together.

Ok don't fall over in shock but I am posting the layouts for our February workshops "Wings"  I had a blast putting them together.  If you have not signed up for workshops yet email me ASAP.  If you don't live in UT and want to participate no problem.  You can participate long-distance.  Just email me at so I can order you a kit.  I love these layouts because you can use them for just about anything.  Great for those everyday photos.

Click on images to enlarge if you want to view details.

Layout One:
We will use the spay pen on this layout.  You will love it.  Flower bouquet was inspired by my CTMH consultant friend Sherri Tozzi.  A fun photo tip that I used on this layout is to print the photos in black and white except for the main photo.  Your eye immediately will go to the different photo which in this case is the color photo.

Layout Two
Can't wait to show you how to make these fun ribbon flowers.  They are so easy and really adds lots of dimension to your creations.

Layout Three
This layout design was inspired by Studio J.  One of my favorite designs so I wanted to use it as well with this kit.
 Hope you have a great week.  Those of you waiting for "Mistletoe" and "Magnifique" they are almost ready to be posted.  Now that I have my printer I can get them finished.  Thanks for understanding and stopping by.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Team Builders Conference

What a great weekend I just had.  CTMH hosted a "Team Builders" conference for all directors and above.  It was a fantastic event.  We were pampered and spoiled all weekend.  Trust me I really  needed this.  The food and friendships were just priceless.  The purpose of the event was to meet with CTMH corporate team and discuss a new compensation plan and other areas of hte business with the leaders of CTMH.  It was a fantastic conference.  I am very proud to represent CTMH and have to say it's been a great blessing in my life.  The friendships I have made in this company is like nothing else in this world.

Believe me I really need these friendships right now to keep me strong and moving forward.  So big THANKS so all my CTMH peeps. Whether you be a consultant, downline or customer-  You all ROCK.

Hanging with some of my BFF Pam and Karen.
  Well we can never get together for an event and not have a little creative fun as well as business.  We made some really awesome projects.  I will post my projects when I have put my final finishing touches on them.  Until then I will leave you with some beautiful artwork created by the CTMH art department.  You will get a sneak peak at some of the new items in the Spring/Summer 2011 idea book in these projects.  The new idea book is set to launch on Feb 1st.

These items were created with
 Level2 paper pack X7134B "Sweetheart" and stamp set D1460 "Love Ya" 

I have more artwork that I will post later.  Hope you enjoy the above artwork for now. 

I would love to share the details on how to become a CTMH consultant with you anytime.  You too can get paid for doing what you love to do.  View details here on my website or email me for details at

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inspirations and CTMH Specials

January CTMH Special:"Inspirations"
Available January 1-31, 2011

Click on photo to view "Inspirations Brochure" products

SNEAK A PEEK AT GREAT SPRING/SUMMER 2011 IDEA BOOK products—including amazing deals on new stamp sets and the January Stamp of the Month when you buy the new Wings Workshops on the Go™ kit! All of our Workshops on the Go kits come with paper, access-ories, and an exclusive stamp set designed specifically for the workshop projects. A new workshop kit is available each month at a discount off of the full retail value.

During the month of January, when you purchase a Wings Workshops on the Go kit for $29.95 it opens the door for you to participate in three exciting promotions:

                          A Game (A1113) $5
                          Rosy Regards (B1369) $10.00
                          Take a Picture (C1440) $15.00
                          Dreams Come True (D1470) $18.00
                          Bohemian Alphabet (E1019) $25.00

  • The January Stamp of the Month set "Find Your Style" at a substantial discount or even FREE!

Items purchased from Inspirations brochure          You save        You pay only
Wings Workshop Kit plus 1 item                                  25% off          $17.21
Wings Workshop Kit plus 2 different* items                 50% off          $11.48
Wings Workshop Kit plus 3 different* items                 75% off          $5.74
Wings Workshop Kit plus 4+ different* items             100% off          FREE!

  • Celebrate National Papercrafting Month in January with a My Creations® banner project. Simply purchase a My Creations® Banner (Z1378) and you will be able to make the project with the remaining supplies from the Wings Workshops on the Go™ kit and the E-size Bohemian Alphabet stamp set. The how-to instructions are included with the Wings Workshop kit exclusively through the month of January.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Recipe: Praline and Carmel Sauce

Those that have requested this recipe here it is-Enjoy!!!!!!

I decided to make something very simple this year for Christmas neighbor and friend gifts.  As I was digging through my recipe box looking for my poppy seed bread recipe I ran across this recipe that I forgot I had.  If you are like me you LOVE anything with carmel.  This carmel sauce is perfect on ice cream.  The beauty about this is that they are quick and simple and made in the microwave. YUM YUM

I gave our friends the carmel sauce and some vanilla ice cream.  I am glad you guys like the sauce and for those of you that just gave the ice cream to the kids and ate the sauce right out of the container you just made my day. 

1 1/4 cups chopped pecans
7 Tablespoons butter (divided)
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
3 Tablespoons flour
3/4 cup light corn syrup
2/3 cup evaporated milk

Place chopped pecans in microwave dish with 3 Tablespoons butter.  Cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring twice.  Watch the pecans closely.  You just want to roast them not burn them

In another microwave safe bowl place remaining butter and heat until melted.  Whisk in brown sugar, flour, and light corn syrup until blended.  Cook on high for 6 minutes, stirring twice, until the sugar is dissolved.

Add in 2/3 cup evaporated milk and the pecans, stir well

Pour into jars.  Keep sauce refrigerated and  reheat slightly in microwave to pour over ice cream. 

Makes 3 Cups.-YUM

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Olivia Layouts (Finally Posting)

Finally I am getting around to posting a few workshop layouts that have been sitting on my desk waiting to go onto the web.  Holiday time keeps me very busy.
Below are the layouts we did in November "Olivia"  Some of the layouts were inspired by my dear friend and awesome upline Karen.

Anyway I love these fall colors and layouts.  If you didn't get your layouts finished hopefully this will help.  ENJOY!!!!!!!
 Layout 1
 Layout 2
Layout 3

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Great and Grand Milestone Today!!!!

Today is a great and grand milestone today.  Ohhhhh goodness what a happy day today.  Why so happy you ask????? Today Fred finished 6 weeks of daily radiation.

For the most part the last 6 weeks went by very quickly.  Fred did amazing well.  The doctors told us we would do very well for the first two weeks, but then the last four weeks and two weeks after radiation he would be miserable, flat on his back, terrible fatigue to the point that he may not be able to drive and many many other side effects that I will spare you the details.

Well once again with all of YOUR support and prayers we have made it through the next bump in this journey amazingly well.  He has gone to work everyday, is preparing for tax season which includes setting up all the stores as well as tons of physical and mental work.  He enjoyed the holidays and no he was never flat on his back or unable to drive.  Occasionally on the weekends he would find himself a little tired and needing to take a nap (after all don't we all want to take a nap on the weekend)

I have decided that Fred is as tough as nails and stubborn as the day is long.  In this case that is a very good thing.  The doctors and medical staff once again has been amazed at his progress.  The next step is to take two weeks to let everything heal and inflammation go down and then we will do another round of chemo and a PET scan in mid February.

So with all that said I just want to take a quick minute once again and thank all of you for your positive thoughts and prayers.  We have learned to really rely on the Lords help and can feel him right by our side paving the way for us.  Overall we are stronger than ever and know we can handle anything with his help and the help and prayers of all of you. 

I can never express enough our appreciation for all of you.  I sure hope someday I can help all of you the way you have helped us.  Thanks so much and have a wonderful week.- The Kankamp Family!!!!!!

Christmas Countdown: Final pages

Finally getting around to posting the final pages of the Christmas Countdown album.  WOW things got very hectic around our house before the holidays. 

If you didn't finish just keep working on yours and stamp more for gifts for next year.  You will be glad when the holidays come around next year and you have your albums all ready to give away as gifts.  I ordered several albums and plan to work on them a little every month.  Feel free to come work on your albums with me.


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