Monday, November 7, 2011

Cherish the Day Artwork: Nov SOTM

These beautiful cards were made by my amazing upline Karen Pedersen
Team retreat has been over for one week and I am still unpacking boxes.  Good news is that I really am almost done unpacking all those boxes.  I am so slow these days at getting things done.  I am finding I just can't focus on one things these days.  

As I mentioned before I will be adding retreat artwork as we go along.  Some of the artwork uses different "Stamp of the Month's" and paper packs so I will add those to this blog at at the appropriate months.  

My wonderful downline Kris Keys made this beautiful card. 
I love this card for weddings and special occasions. 

Today I wanted to start with the November Stamp of the Month.  We did a little swap at the retreat that was so fun.  Such a talented bunch of ladies I am proud to associate with.

When I first got this stamp set I was actually scratching my head wondering what in the world I was ever going to do with this set.  WOW just look at the beautiful artwork these ladies came up with and I am so very excited about this set.

This card is super fun for the autumn holidays.  It was created by my sideline Kimberly Deines 

This amazing home decor piece was made by my amazing downline Susann Eaton.   This creation is so amazing.  It was stamped with white daisy ink onto black cardstock.  Once dry she put it in these black frames and then added the sparkles onto of the glass.

November Stamp of the Month can be ordered on my WEBSITE through the end of November.
Any questions I can answer for you just drop me a note at

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Craft: Candy Corn treat

Happy Halloween everyone. I can't believe it's already Halloween. I wanted to share a fun treat with you. No this is not a trick just a pure fun Halloween treat.

Last Thursday night was my monthly quilt club meeting. However, I was not able to attend this month because I was involved in my three day team retreat which was so much fun and I will be adding lots of artwork that we created at the treat in the next few weeks. Anyway, one of the quilt club ladies made these super cute Halloween treats for everyone.

Now how cute is this.  I guess next year I will have to make some of these, but for this year I am loving this one my friend made.  Hope you all have a wonderful Halloween and don't try too many tricks this year.  Check back soon for retreat artwork.  I am still unpacking my boxes.
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mischief Workshop: Halloween and Fall layouts

The projects for this months workshops tend to take a little time to put together.  Some of you did not finish the layouts so I wanted to get our workshop projects posted so you can finish them ASAP.  The layouts are so fun to put together.  Maybe it's because I LOVE Halloween. 

Layout One:  Fun use of colonial white ink.  It can smear so remember to let it dry because it is a pigment ink.

The projects are made with the Mischief paper pack.  OHHH my gosh you will just love this paper pack.  We used the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge, along with lots of rub-ones.  I have to admit I have not used rub-ones in a really long time so it was fun to use those.  CTMH has some really fun compliments that are rub ons as well as the newsprint rub-on letters that you can use for just about any project.

Layout 2:  It's fun using the rub-on's on the metal tag from the Sunset Mini-Medley collection

I apologize that I don't have photos on the layouts.  Check back after Halloween to see the layouts with photos on them but for the most part I am pretty sure you can figure out photo placement and sizes.


 Have fun finishing up your layouts.  If you need help with anything let me know.  Those of you that don't come to workshops and want to complete the above layouts you can order all the supplies on my website at
Thanks for stopping by.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Embellish your Creations.

Ohh how I do love embellishments.  Here is a fun tutorial from CTMH showing you a fun way to embellish your creations.  (Remember to pause playlist at bottom of blog so you can hear tutorial)

Enjoy and have a great day.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Technology Overload

I truly am feeling like I am having a major technology overload this week.  It's all good and I love technology.  I actually love to learn about all these techy things.

I have been working on getting better at editing my photos.  So this week my new photo editing software came and I have been playing around with it.  I think I made it through just the basics.  I am so excited to discover all it does.  For starters I wanted to share what I did with these photos, because  I am so excited.  Have I mentioned I am so excited.  HAHAHA.

I took several shots of my daughter at a nearby lake.  It was almost dark when I took these.  I am looking forward to editing more photos that I took at this photo shoot.  I just need to find more time. 


Just when I was feeling a little overwhelmed with this photo editing project my cell phone crashed.  GOOD grief.  So if you have tried to text me in the last day or so and I have not responded it's because I could not access voice or text messages.  So long story short I now have a new phone.  I was a little sad to lay my Blackberry to rest, but this iphone is going to work well for me.  I just need to figure it all out.  You should have seen me trying to turn the alarm off this morning.

So feel free to share your favorite apps with me.  My son was more than happy to set it all up for me.  I think he was taking great pleasure in telling me.  "Mom let me give you a little tutorial"  I knew there was a reason I had children.  They come in so handy at times.  HAHAH jut kidding.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fun Times-Studio J class

Once again time is flying by.  I am been a busy little bee getting ready for a team retreat.  Our retreat is the end of October.  I will post the projects here after the retreat.  It's been so fun to prepare for so check back often. 

It's time for another Studio J on-line class. It's so simple.  The class is taught via the Internet. This class uses some really fun techniques that will knock your socks off.  To sign up just email Lynette for details at  there will be just a few homework items you need to do to be ready for the class.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Keratoconus" and a PET scan

I honestly hate blogging about these kind of things, but I have promised to keep all of you updated about our Journey down cancer row and so many of you ask "how is the hubby"? It's so easy to blog about happy things and things I have created.  I just want to live in a perfect little world, but life is anything but perfect.  I have decided it's about how you handle your imperfect world.  I hope I am handling my imperfect world with class but some days I really wonder.

OK, lets start with me.   I have had some stress added to my world.  Nothing like what my husband is going through, but certainly has added to our imperfect world.  Lately I have felt that wow I just can't see very well.  I felt I really can't see near or far so WOW these soft contacts of mine really need to be looked at. 

So before my birthday in August I made my annual appointment with my Ophthalmologist.  It was time to renew my drivers license and I was sure I could not pass the eye test.  Well there in the Dr office we discovered I have "Keratoconus"  What is "Keratoconus" you might ask.  Well it's an uncommon condition where the cornea which is usually curved becomes thin and protrudes into a cone shaped cornea.  This caused a serious distortion of vision.  So yes I really was not going crazy my vision has really changed.

When I tell people they immediately look at my eyes.
 I promise you my eyes look totally normal.

Keratoconus is an inherited disorder and we have looked back through my family tree and to our knowledge we don't  have any ancestors that have gone blind.  Because it's a degenerative disease the concern is how much worse is this going to get?  That is the question we will never know.  I hope this is as bad as it will get, but there is a potential that I could slowly (hopefully it's very slow) go blind.

Good grief I have way too much scrapbooking, quilting, photography, yardwork and decorating my house to do not to mention all the fun things in life I look forward to and  I need to be able to see such as my kids growing up and starting families of there own.  This just can't be happening.  So that is when I asked the magical question.  "What is the treatment for this"

Well there is no real treatment to stop the disease.  Mild cases can be treated with glasses or hard contact lenses.  As it progresses surgery such as corneal transplant is recommended, but no guarantee it will work.  WELL, I would rather see a little bit than not at all so I told the doc that surgery is not an option and actually he agreed.  So I have been making weekly trips to my Ophthalmologist.  They have fitted me with some hard contact lenses.  Once the hard contact lens is in my eyeball it causes the cornea to form into the correct shape and I can see.  Right not with the hard contact lenses I can see 20/20 once again and it's a great feeling.  These contact lenses are a pain to use and take care of, but if it helps so I can see it's all worth it.  I am crossing my fingers and praying that this will not get any worse. 

Now for Fred.  Well he feels like a million bucks.  Has not felt this good in a really long time.  So we did a PET scan and those dang tumors in the liver and lungs are trying to grow.  So we could wait and just watch, but our Oncologist felt it would be better to hit them when they are as small as possible.

Therefore we will be starting another round of chemotherapy on Friday 9-24-11.  UGGGHHH we have just had it with chemo and didn't want to start up again and rob Fred of how he feels, but at the same time I don't want to get down the road in 3-4 months and wish we had treated.    So here we go again.  This regimen will cause him to lose his hair which he is having a hard time accepting.  I keep telling him bald is sexy.  I am not sure he is believing me.  Anyway, we appreciate the prayers sent our way as always.

Thanks so much for being such great friends.  I could have never made it this far without you.  Have a great day and "Count Your Blessing's"  Even the tiny little ones.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Typeset Workshop Layouts

I just don't know where this week went.  Workshops were this week which keeps me on my toes, but I love having you all come and workshops are one of the biggest highlights of my life.  I know I get to visit with those that come to workshops and I LOVE helping you create your layouts, laugh, talk and socialize.

This month we worked with the "Typeset" paper and accessories.  This kit is so fun and I love, love, love this paper.  Below are the layouts minus the journaling.  I better get that done-huh?
Layout One:
This layout is a great layout for any photos you have.  We used the Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge to cut many of the pieces for the layout. 

Layout Two:
This layout can easily be a back to school layout.  It also works great for a birthday layout.  Afterall "In A Class Of Your Own" is all about life and our journey through life.

Layout Three:
Great layout to highlight an accomplishment such as I have done here with my daughter Alyssa.  Just an overall fun layout.

Enjoy completing your layouts.  Next months layouts we will be using "Mischief" two of the layouts will be Halloween and one a Fall page.  Mark your calendars so you don't miss the fun.  If you currently are not part of the fun of workshops then email me and lets get your started.  Don't let your memories slip away. 

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.  If you have not taken a minute to "Like" my facebook business page my facebook icon is on my sidebar.  I will be running a fun contest this week.  Watch your facebook wall for details. 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Amazing Cards and Facebook

Well I am a complete slacker.  I must say I have completely neglected my blog this last week.  I have had a few things I have been dealing with that I will tell you about later.  With everyone back to school you would think I would have tons of time, but it has been just the opposite. 

So before the weekend gets completely away from me I wanted to share some happy mail I received a couple weeks ago.  Below are two of the most amazing cards sent to me by my dear friend and upline Karen.  With Karen's permission I am posting them here.  She used SONOMA paper pack, Cricut ART PHILOSOPHY cartridge  and the September STAMP OF THE MONTH. 

Love making these flowers with the Cricut Art Philosopsy cartridge. 
Well I have several projects right now on my drawing board using these type of flowers because I love making them so much and they are so easy with the Art Philosophy cartridge.  I will post them on my facebook business page.  Yes I finally went live with my Facebook business page.  There will be  lots of fun activities, tips, tricks  and more on my facebook page.

So make sure you "LIKE" my page so you will not miss anything.  Also the feed from this blog goes directly onto my facebook page so you will be able to see everything in one place.

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Thanks for stopping by.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Game of GOLF

As we wind down to the end of summer I am always so sad to see summer come to an end.  However a highlight at the end of the Summer for our family is my husbands summer party hosted by his company "Morinda".  They do an amazing job and one of the biggest parties you have ever seen and the entire family is invited. 

This year my husband decided that we would participate in the golf tournament hosted by his company.  So we formed  our family  foursome (Fred, Me, Brandon and Alyssa).  Fred of course has played lots of golf and I have played a little, but Brandon and Alyssa has never played.

 So the idea was to really just have fun.  For the most part that is what we did but there were times that the competitive side of my family came through.  Alyssa is a "lefty" and so she had her left handed clubs and was being a good sport and decided golf is really not her thing and perhaps needs to just stick to swimming, biking and those kind of things. 
Brandon on the other hand was very good for never playing.  Maybe he has found his new niche. Anyway, we did have lots of fun and we ended up finishing a few over par.  So not that bad for three of us being very inexperienced.  I had tons of fun taking photos.  I took lots of photos and plan to scrapbook them in STUDIO J.  So check back often and see the fun layouts using these photos.

Well the ironic part of all of this is that Alyssa won the straightest drive.  Her ball was just a few inches from the line.  She was given a fun gift that evening at the party.  She was excited that she won, however she was thinking that she was going to win $100 of cold hard cash and was thinking that it would come in so handy to buy text books but what she really won was $100 gift certificate to the Pro Golf shop and 18 holes of gold.  HAHAH.  Well she gave that to her dad so hopefully he will get to reap the rewards of her straightest dive.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today's Activities Include....

Today's activities include absolutely nothing....ohhh how I wish but it was a great thought for a brief moment.  However, for the first time all summer I did sleep in. 

At the beginning of the summer my 16 year old son Brandon took a paper route   The requirements for the job was you had to be 16 years old and have a car that was insured.  Since his car is great on gas he took the job.  HOWEVER, what they didn't tell him was the job really is a two person job and the route was fairly difficult.  It really was not just driving down the street and throwing the paper out the window.

Anyway, after 3 days he really wanted to throw in the towel (or should I say throw in the paper-LOL).  We encouraged that he can't quite.  More than anything we wanted him to learn the following life lessons from this.

1)  Life can be difficult at times and not every job you are going to love, but you have to stick it out.
2)  Remember your family is always there to help you in a time of need.
3)  Apply yourself and set high goals now to go to college or potentially this in the kind of job you will have for a lifetime.

So he did stick it out.  Brandon and I got up every morning at 2:15am to go do his paper route.  He ended up making pretty good money and the best part of it all I saw him grow so much this summer.

Yesterday was our last day so today I plan on doing nothing (not really) but it has been great to rest and relax.  I for sure need a pedicure after I am done here in the Jacuzzi tub...

Have a great day.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Specials: Wicked and Pair-a-Phrase=INCREDIBLE

WOW you are in for a treat.  We have some amazing and wonderful specials this month that you are going to think it's Christmas and trust me you will not want to miss out on these fantastic specials.  Can you tell I am super excited about them.

On-Line CLASSES: First I want to remind you about my Studio J on-line class which is going on all month long.  The class is very fast and easy, done from the comfort of your home and tons of fun. Those that have participated have LOVED IT.  The layout we are doing for August is called "Beautiful You"  The post and details about this class is HERE.  Contact me to schedule your class with me.

EXTRA, EXTRA:-Free bonus stamp set in Aug!!!!!!!

In August, when you place an order of $50 or more in products and purchase the August Stamp of the Month set, Wicked, for just $5, you’ll receive the My Acrylix® A Typeface bonus A-size set FREE (retail value $6.95)! Think of it as two promotions in one—qualify for and purchase the discounted August Stamp of the Month set, "Wicked" and we’ll throw in a second stamp set "A Typeset" FREE! It’s Extra! Extra!

August Stamp of the Month "Wicked"

Received some happy mail from Karen Pederson. 
Here she used the August Stamp of the month "Wicked"
Awesome job on these cards Karen. 

Pair-a-Phrase double stamp set FREE when you place an order of $75 from August 15 through September 30, 2011. You’ll love this double set—two D-size sets in one envelope—which includes lots of clever phrases and coordinating images you’ll use in your handmade cards all year. And with a retail value of $35.90, this set drastically increases the value of your qualifying purchase! Have double the fun stamping during National Stamping Month with our new Pair-a-Phrase double stamp set!

 Thought you might enjoy a few cards made with the "Pair-a-Phrase" stamp sets"

To view Pair-a-Phrase stamp sets click HERE


In review:
A $75 order from Aug. 15th - Aug. 31st gives you:

-Bonus stamp set "A Typeface" with $5.00 SOM   purchase - FREE (retail $6.95)
-August SOM 'Wicked' - $5.00 (retail $17.95)
-Two D-size stamp sets in the "Pair-a-Phrase" campaign - FREE (retail $35.90)

That's FOUR stamp sets for just $5.00 (plus ship/tax) instead of $60.80 retail. INCREDIBLE!
You can place your order by shopping on my website at or by contacting me directly at

If you have questions please let me know.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fanfare Workshop and Camera

Here is the "Fanfare" layouts we will also be doing this month.  These layouts as well were inspired by my BFF Karen.    The photos of the layouts are very poor.  Sorry about that.  I picked up my camera to photograph these layouts and take photos for layout 2 and well for some reason my camera is stuck in "Bulb" and I can't shoot in manual.

So I took it to the camera hospital and had to leave it so they can trouble shoot. YIKES I felt like I was leaving one of my children.  I guess I am a bit obsessed with my camera.  Looks like I will be without it for at least two weeks.  What am I going to do without it.

Anyway, for those of you that are pre-cutting your layouts before you come to workshops I suggest you click on the images as you cut and it will make it easier.

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3
Happy Scrappin

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bliss Workshop Layouts

August workshop are going to be a marathon of scrapbooking.  Due to family situations I had to cancel July workshops so that means we will be doing July and Aug kits this month.  It will be fast and furious but I promise that you will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the layouts.  I will start by posting the Bliss kit.

These layouts were inspired by my dear friend and upline Karen Pederson.  I have been spread so thin that I don't know how I would have ever had a minute to design layouts for workshop.   I love how CTMH consultants really work together as a team to help each other out in times of need.  Ever want to join my team and join the fun let me know.

Layout 1: (click on image to enlarge)
 Because this kit is neutral colors you can add just about photos to the layout and it will look great.  The letters I sponged in Cotton Candy but you can accent with just about any color and it will look great.

Sepia photos look fantastic with this kit.  That blank square on the right page is for journaling.  HUMMM I better get my journaling done before I file this away in the album. 

Layout 2:(Click on image to enlarge)
 Fun layout done with some photos I took of Rachael this summer.  Once again this kit can be used for anything.

Nothing better than friends.  The photo on the left side is Karen and I and the photos on the right and some of my amazing CTMH team members at convention.  WOW we were having way too much fun.  Still need to add some journaling to this layout as well.

Have a great time finishing your layouts.  I will post "Fanfare" kit tomorrow.  Have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Idea Book Tour: Autumn/Winter 2011-12

I have the new IDEA BOOK which you are going to totally love posted on my side bar-just to the right (just under my facebook badge).     The Idea Book is 144 pages.  Click on image to view the idea book.  Here are just some of the highlights you will not want to miss:
  • Chirp, chirp…Check out our new, exclusive CRICUT cartridge! The Cricut Art Philosophy Collection comes with a cartridge containing 700 images (font, shapes & 3-D items), 3 stamp sets, and 3 sets of Dimensional Elements that coordinate beautifully with the Cricut cartridge! – page 13

  • EIGHT gorgeous My Reflections Scrapbooking Kits…you’ll love the new look and feel of our kits as all of our B&T papers are now cardstock weight with two different prints on each sheet! That’s right, the paper has been beefed up, but…the price has slimmed down! - pages 16-61

  • Over FORTY fun, new stamp sets! You’ll notice a few exciting changes:
  1. LOWER PRICES on all stamp sets!
  2. All sets are now shown at 100%
  3. Stamp images that coordinate with the new Cricut Art Philosophy Cartridge are outlined in red
  4. A new Stamp of the Month Program makes it easier for you to get those sets each month!

  • Check out our all new Cardstock Shade Packs…Shade Packs consist of 4 sheets each of 3 harmonious colors – page 9

  • Our new Complements line provides the perfect coordinates for some of our new My Reflections Kits…Canvas Shapes, Rub-Ons, Dimensional Elements – page 16, 28, & 46

  • Need a quick little album for a gift? Check out the all new Quick Pic Albums in a fun 6”x6” size – and two different colors! – page 122

  • Can’t get enough Embellishments? Neither can we, so we’ve added lots of new offerings – felt shapes, charms, corrugated shapes, jewels, bling, overlays, journaling spots, and more! Page 128

  • Add a little dimension to your projects with several new Dimensional Elements sets, many of which coordinate with the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge! You’ll also love our redesigned Dimensional Elements Monograms featuring 6 brand new fonts! – page 130

  • Studio J is better than ever! Be sure to catch all the details on all the benefits of Studio J Membership – page 11

  •  Our New Consultant Kit has been revamped and is not more affordable than ever at only $99! - pages 4-5

    All products, can be viewed by visiting my website at Click on the Online Shopping link, place your order, and it will be delivered right to your door. It's that easy.  If you have questions feel free to call 801-253-2903 or email me Watch my monthly newsletters which will contain lots of exciting information. Please email me if you need to be added to my newsletter list!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Virtual Classroom and Photo Shoot-Join Me

I am so excited to offer something so fun and exciting.  Let me introduce you to my Studio J Virtual classroom.  You might ask "What is a Studio J Virtual Classroom"?  Virtual classrooms are an easier and more convenient way to attend classes, and you can choose when to attend and you can complete the course from the comfort of your own home. It's like having a web conference or on-line meeting where we will desktop share as I walk you completely through the layout at your pace .  All you need is a computer and internet.

Come give it a try.  We will start with the below layout called "Beautiful You"  of course with Studio J you will be customizing the title and colors to fit your photos and needs.

If you don't have photos for the layout no problem.   If you live in the Salt Lake City, UT area just contact me and I will be more than happy to come do a photo shoot of you, your family or anything you choose for me to photograph.  I charge a very minimal fee for the photo shoot.

Before we begin our Studio J Virtual Classroom I will need you to do a couple of things to be ready for the class.  If you are interested please email me at for further instructions.

I look forward to seeing you in my classroom.-Lynette

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mom's Mexican Salad Recipe

Our house is really a 24/7 house.  I promise you can come by at any given time and someone is up.  Between my teenagers coming and going, my schedule, husband's schedule it is usually pure chaos at my house.  So I try to keep something in the refrigerator that we can quickly eat or grab and go.

So I thought I would share a recipe that my mom use to make when I was growing up. I made it today and thought I would share it with you.   I love it especially in the summer and it can be served as a side dish or main dish.   Hope you give it a try and if you do hope you like it.

1 can red kidney beans (drained)
1 can pinto beans (drained)
1 lb of hamburger (cooked and drained) If I am serving the salad as a side dish I don't include the hamburger.  My favorite is to include the hamburger and serve for lunch. YUMM
10 oz of cherry tomatoes
2 avocados (sliced and soaked in lemon juice so they don't discolor) photo does not include avocados because my kids don't like em.
1 small can sliced black olives
1 bunch of green onions, (diced)
1 head of lettuce (chopped)
1 cup of celery (chopped)
1+ cup of cheddar cheese (grated)  sorry photo does not have the cheese.  I took the photo before I added the cheese.

Toss altogether and add 1 bottle of Catalina French Dressing and mix together.

Just before serving crunch up Doritos, corn chips or Frito's and sprinkle on top or toss in salad.  I prefer Doritos but then again I am a Doritos junkie.

Have a great day.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Convention, Cricut, and Cool Stuff

Just returned from our annual Close To My Heart convention.  It was so fun and amazing other than the fact I got very nauseated on the flight  home and have not felt too hot the last couple of days.  Therefore I have just been hanging out and taking it easy.  I just wanted to give you a few sneak peaks into the new Idea Book that we will available Aug 1st.
We had a couple of create and take sections at convention and made this layout and cube.


There is so much fun stuff I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks but I do want to give you a sneak peak at something that all of you will be so excited about.  

CTMH has teamed up with Cricut to provide you with our very own CTMH exclusive cricut cartridge bundle with 3 coordinating stamp sets, coordinating chipboard shapes, and over 700 images and a font - it's an amazing cricut cartridge with 6 function features - it's maxed out. 3-D flowers, flourishes, shapes that coordinate with stamps from the Idea Book  - which are called out in the Idea Book outlined in red so you can see which stamps would coordinate with the cricut shapes easily. Plus if the stamp coordinates, the SIZE setting you need to use on the cricut to cut the coordinating shape is printed right on the stamp set liner next to the image picture. It's amazing and you will love it.

Below is a quick video explaining the new cartridge "Art Philosophy"-Enjoy

Here is a card I got from CTMH when I attended the directors dinner.  I LOVE these rolled flowers we can make with the cartridge.  HOW fun will that be.

New Idea Book and new items will be available Aug 1st.  Check back soon as I will be announcing some exciting specials as well as posting my Studio J virtual classroom.  Let me just catch my breath first.

Have a fantastic day and remember you are always "Close To My Heart"

Friday, July 8, 2011

July CTMH Special: It's a bang of a deal

Bang for Your Buck
Spend $50, get a favorite paper product for $1.

IT’S SIMPLE. SPEND $50, THEN CHOOSE A BONUS ITEM FOR $1 (five products to choose from). Because everyone loves more bang for the buck!

Eligible $1 Bonus Items:

• Creative Basics® Mistletoe Collection (original retail: $8.95)

• Creative Basics® Animal Cookies Collection (original retail: $8.95)

• My Originals® Bits & Pieces Card Kit (original retail: $12.95)

• My Originals® It’s Your Day Card Kit (original retail: $12.95)

• My Originals® Around the Holidays Card Kit (original retail: $14.95)
Items can be ordered on my website at or by contacting Lynette at
Have a great day.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Recovery Time

Well I need to update all of you on the latest at our house. It's been a long and difficult couple of weeks as we have made many decisions.

We met with a rectal surgeon about one month ago to further investigate the rectal pain Fred was still experiencing. I was very impressed by Dr. Kim. He is not a big fan of putting patients through pain so we decided to do an internal ultrasound of the rectum to see what is going on.

What we discovered was a hole in Fred's tale bone and the tumor was wrapped around the nerves that cross over the tailbone. So taking out the tumor is not an option or you would have to take out the tailbone and that is something I would not wish on anyone not to mention the mortality rate is VERY high.

So why is there a hole you may ask? Well it is very rare for this to happen. I have been asking all of you to keep us in your prayers and well it worked. I testify that prayers are answered. Fred responded so well to the chemo treatments that it left a hole. What we don't know is if the tumor was already in the tailbone and with chemo it killed the tumor and left a hole or if the chemo was targeting the tumor that is laying on top of the tailbone and weakened the bone to the point that now we have a hole.

We actually are very blessed that the tumor is on the posterior side of the rectum. If it had been on the anterior side it would have been near the stomach and bladder and those are sterile areas and if there would have been a hole created there and then the chemo infused into that area it would have killed him. So thanks for the prayers because I feel very blessed and this could have been so much worse than it is.

Therefore Fred had surgery on 6-30-11. To protect Fred's privacy I am not going to go into details of the surgery, but we just had to reroute things to prevent sepsis (full body infection) in the future and hopefully relieve some of his pain.
Surgery went well and he is recovering well. We still welcome many many prayers. We were discharged from the hospital today.  Hopefully recovery will be very quick and back to regular activities very soon.

Thanks to all of you for your support, love and friendship.  It means everything to us.  Have a great day.

Stadium of Fire and Happy 4th America

A family favorite for the 4th of July is to attend the Stadium of Fire. It's the very best way to celebrate the 4th of July with great entertainment and amazing fireworks.

This year was no exception with the line up of our Murray hometown super star David Archuleta (not to mention we are all big time fans of David) and Brad Paisley. So months ago I ordered our tickets.

It was an amazing show not to mention a great escape from life for an evening. I posted a couple of video's of David singing the Star Spangled Banner and other patriotic songs from the show. Daivd really can pull at your heartstrings singing these songs and makes you really appreciate our country and those who fight for our freedom.

So pause my playlist at the bottom of this blog and enjoy as you celebrate. HAVE A WONDERFUL 4th.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Returned from Neverland

Yes I am still alive.  Just very short on time these days.

I am back from our much needed vacation in Florida.  Trying to get caught up on life, unpack and I am exhausted.  However, we had such a wonderful time together it was all worth it. 

We did just about everything you can possibly do in the state of Florida.  Just a couple of photos to share with you.

Have a great day.


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