Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Expo- Create and Take Cards

OHHHH so sorry. I have had lots going on the last couple of weeks at my house that I completely forgot that I had not posted the "Create and Take" projects from the expo.

I will start with the cards. These are designed to be able to make in a matter of just a few minutes. Therefore you might want to embellish them a little more, but at the same time they will look great just being simple.

The first set of cards uses "Twitterpated" paper pack

With the holidays around the corner we used the "Jingle" paper pack

Then of course you can see we used "Grace" paper pack with these two cards. Check back soon to see the layouts using these same paper packs and stamps.
All card sketches were taken from Originals or Wishes.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Farewell-More Weekend Fun

Our weekend didn't end with those sports games on Saturday. Sunday was actually a beautiful day, but at the same time emotional. Chanse (you all know Chanse by now. He is the darling BF) He is leaving on a two year mission for our church on Oct 14th. He will be going to Argentina and learning to speak Spanish. His farewell was Sunday. So in a nutshell that means he got the great opportunity of speaking in church.

Chanse is a very shy and quite kind of guy. (Moms-watch out for those quite ones. They tend to real the moms in and wrap themselves around your little finger without you even knowing it) The church was filled to the brim with people. As I watched him on the stand before he spoke he was as white as paste. YIKES I thought he was going to pass out. Good thing I know CPR. He told me the night before that he was very nervous and doesn't like to speak in public.

Anyway, once he got up to the pulpit you would have thought he was a pro. His talk was so amazing that it made the hair on my arms stand up. I am so very proud of my daughter in her decision to support him for the next two years. Trust me you will hear lots about Chanse for the next two years. I am also so proud of her decision in picking such an outstanding young man to fall in love with.

Yikes it's going to be a long two years. The entire family is already missing him. I guess I had better brush up on my Spanish just in case he forgets how to speak English.-HaHa. In the mean time I think I have the perfect layout for these photos that are hot off the press. Check back soon.

Ohh What a Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was a typical weekend for us. Typical in the fact that our Saturday's are filled with kids sports. We started off the day with Brandon's game. He plays wide receiver this year. Very different from his usual defence corner position. I have to say it's been a frustrating year. He is used to being on the winning team. It's been a challenge and he has had to learn to take the good with the bad.

Well they lost this game 12-14. Mom will for sure be glad when the season's over. OHHH well that is just life with lot's of good days and plenty of bad days.

I actually left dad at the game in the 4th quarter to run to the water polo game where Alyssa was playing. This was a much different game with Alyssa's team winning 12-2. I know you really can't tell by the angle of the camera but Alyssa is driving the ball in and made a perfect shot right in the corner pocket of the net.

For those of you that have never watched a water polo game first of all it's completely exhausting. My girls always say it's 3 times harder than a swim meet. It's pretty much 4 quarters of pure sprinting. It's kind of like playing soccer, wrestling, basketball and swimming all in one sport. Anyway, I captured this perfect shot of Alyssa playing defense and actually stealing the ball. The other girl is under water you can kind of see her. I think Alyssa is trying to drown her. Believe me there is plenty of "try to drown your opponent" that goes on.

Good news is that my oldest daughter Rachael was asked by the coach to run the clock and scoreboard during the season. So she comes up from college on Saturday and works the games. She makes really good money doing it and I get to see her for a brief moment. However, the season is over next week. Not a great photo but you can see that she is taking a break during a time out.

I seriously should be a sports photographer. It's pretty sad but 90% of the photos I take are sports related. I love it. Someday when my kids and no longer is sports I am really going to miss this.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Best for Last

Yes I saved the best for last. This is the last of the artwork that I will be posting from our retreat last weekend. (Create and Prosper Retreat) Karen designed these projects and they are to die for. This first project is a chip board book with 10 pages. It's called "all sorts album" it can be used for anything. Here she used the Jingle paper pack so it makes a perfect Christmas gift. I have only posted the front cover and page 2-3. Once I get photos on it I will post the finished product. Also those that attend my monthly workshops you will have the option to do this project in November. YIPPPEEEEE

Below are the cards that Karen designed. They are so fun to make and will take your breath away. The kit will allow you to make two of each card for a total of 20 cards. As with the album those of you that attend workshops will have the option to make these cards in November. I know the suspense is killing you. It's almost as bad as waiting for "New Moon" to come out.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Grace" projects from retreat

If you have not had a chance to play with the new "Grace" paper pack I strongly recommend it. It's perfect for fall, sepia and heritage photos. I created these projects for our retreat (Create and Prosper Retreat). They are so fun to work up. The more I worked with the grace paper pack and stamps the more fun things I wanted to create with it. I especially love the "On Target" dimensional elements.

Below are the items I used to create these projects. The items can be ordered on my website by clicking on the item.
Grace Level 2 paper pack
Grace Level 2 My stickease
Delightful Things stamp set
On Target Dimensional Elements
Basic Brad Assortment
Barn Red Ink, Cocoa Ink, Honey Ink, Twlight Ink

Click on images to enlarge
Sketch for this layout was taken from Imagine- "Grand Finale"

Sketch for this layout was taken from Cherish - "Dramatic Fashion"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Retreat Report

This last weekend was jamed packed with so much fun. My upline Karen and I hosted a retreat for our two teams. We decided a fun theme would be CPR- Create and Prosper Retreat. We worked around the medical theme during the entire weekend. I will be posting in several different posts the fun things we did and made all weekend. It was lots of work, but so much fun and worth every second. We each taught business classes and creative classes. OHH and not to mention we all ate plenty of treats as well as scrapbooked til the morning hours.

No I am not trying to commit a murder here or film a horror movie. Besides Karen is my partner in crime so I would never think of knocking her off.-Teeheheh. We kicked off the retreat with a fun skit. That is Karen lying on the table and yes that is me with the knife (not real of course). I am actually doing surgery on Karen as well as a little bit of CPR. We did a very fun skit to the music "Like A Surgeon" by Weird Al Yankovic to introduce our theme of C.P.R.

Well after our fun skit and a great business class by Karen we passed out some fun gifts to our team. First thing was a fun CPR layout that I will post later once I get photos on it. We then passed these Dr. Bags out. Well they may not really look like Dr. bags but I told everyone to use there imagination and pretend they are. These are really fun gift items you can make. They work up really fast and can be used for any theme. The template for this box can be found HERE

Of course inside the box was a survival gift of chocolate. A must have item at any retreat.

Then of course we handed out scrub tops that I had embroidered a fun logo to fit our theme. You will see more of our scrub tops later.

Check back a little later for more posts on CPR.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scrapbook in a Box


Open View

Add photos to the back side of the flaps

Due to popular demand I bring you a "Scrapbook in a Box". Many of you have requested I post instructions on how to make this fun little gift. On my box I added "Background and Texture" paper to each flap creating a pocket. I then made some tags to fit the pockets. I interviewed my kids and put there responses on each of the tags. Boy did I get some interesting responses. It was really fun.

So as you can see each kid has three pockets with tags and on the back of the flap has there Christmas photos on it. The three tag questions are: 1) To me Christmas is all about? 2) My favorite Christmas Tradition is... 3) My favorite Christmas memory is...

I created a step by step tutorial for you. Click here for tutorial once on the site click on "download now". It will take just a few seconds and the document should come right up for you.

Enjoy making your box and let me know if I can help you. All products used to make the box can be ordered on my website at http://www.stampinscrapexpress.myctmh.com/

MIA for weeks???

Yes I know it seems like I have been missing in action for weeks. The truth of it all I have been right here working like mad on several events and getting only 3-4 hours of sleep each night. There were many days I wish I was lost in Paradise. Such as this cute little island my husband and I visited when we took our Europe Trip with CTMH one year ago. It actually happens to be the set of Popeye. How fun it that.

Anyway, the last few weeks I was busy with workshops, Scrapbook USA Expo and then a really fun team retreat which was so fun to plan. I will give you more details about the retreat later. Therefore I have lots of artwork to post in the next few days. So check back often as I get things posted for you.

Talk to you all very soon.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Proud Moment

Don't you just love teenagers. Well I do at least. I just love these teenage years we are going through. It makes me feel young and fancy free. On the flip side it makes me sad because that means my kids are moving to the next stage in there life.

As most of you know this is my second daughter Alyssa. Ohhh and just so you know this is her darling boyfriend Chanse. We love him just as much. No worries you will see plenty of him later as I scrapbook some of the photo's I have taken of them.

Anyway, Alyssa is a senior this year and it's time to think about getting her senior pictures done. So I called my photographer up and we did a little photo shoot. Well actually they took thousands of photos and I wish I could buy them all. Anyway the photos turned out fantastic. They put a few of her on there blog so I wanted to share them with you and you will see that I am a very proud parent.

Click on this link to take a look. Jolley Photography-Utah Urban Senior Thanks for letting me share my proud moment with you.


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