Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Retreat Report

This last weekend was jamed packed with so much fun. My upline Karen and I hosted a retreat for our two teams. We decided a fun theme would be CPR- Create and Prosper Retreat. We worked around the medical theme during the entire weekend. I will be posting in several different posts the fun things we did and made all weekend. It was lots of work, but so much fun and worth every second. We each taught business classes and creative classes. OHH and not to mention we all ate plenty of treats as well as scrapbooked til the morning hours.

No I am not trying to commit a murder here or film a horror movie. Besides Karen is my partner in crime so I would never think of knocking her off.-Teeheheh. We kicked off the retreat with a fun skit. That is Karen lying on the table and yes that is me with the knife (not real of course). I am actually doing surgery on Karen as well as a little bit of CPR. We did a very fun skit to the music "Like A Surgeon" by Weird Al Yankovic to introduce our theme of C.P.R.

Well after our fun skit and a great business class by Karen we passed out some fun gifts to our team. First thing was a fun CPR layout that I will post later once I get photos on it. We then passed these Dr. Bags out. Well they may not really look like Dr. bags but I told everyone to use there imagination and pretend they are. These are really fun gift items you can make. They work up really fast and can be used for any theme. The template for this box can be found HERE

Of course inside the box was a survival gift of chocolate. A must have item at any retreat.

Then of course we handed out scrub tops that I had embroidered a fun logo to fit our theme. You will see more of our scrub tops later.

Check back a little later for more posts on CPR.


Sheila Bennett said...

Your song sounds so cute. Did you take a video? lol

And the doctor bag is adorable.

The Rudy Family said...

OH those dang Utes. And they even lost. I could have been enjoying myself scrapping instead I was standing in an Oregon rain (mist) shower watching our team play crappy and then after it was over took severe heckling from the rudest fans in the world. That is time I will never get back!

Karen said...

Hello, partner in crime! I had so much fun putting this retreat on with you! I'm so glad you have photos of the 'doctor bag' because I forgot to take some of that. I'm 'stealing' them from your blog. I appreciate all the hard work you put into doing this retreat with me. I was totally worth it all and a great success!

Nicole Norris said...

The skit could not have been funnier! I still start chuckling every time I think about it.


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