Thursday, August 27, 2009

Team Edward

Hey all you "Twlight" fans check out my new little blinkie on the left side bar. Somedays I really wish that I was a vampire and didn't have to sleep. I am having one of those days where my list of things to do is much longer than the hours in the day. However, I found this little blinkie and just had to add it.

I also like to drive my girls crazy because they are "Team Jacob" fans. Well, thanks for helping me feed my addictions.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1 card, 1 layout, 1 photo tip and lots of distressing

I thought it would be fun to take "Paper Take Weekly Sketch" along with "Color Me Monday" and make a card with the sketch and color combo and then turn around and make a layout. Well I guess I only made the left side of the layout. Once I get the right-sided page done I will post that as well.

Photo Tip: I think this is my favorite photo I have taken this summer. So I want to share a photo tip with you. Remember to always fill the frame. I love close ups, but just when you think you are close enough remember to get closer. You can't really see it here on the computer, but if you had the layout in your hands you could see this fun effect. Because I was so close when you look in my sons eyes you can see a reflection of me taking the photo in his eyes. I should have titled the layout "Through your Mothers Eyes" OHHH well, next time maybe. Anyway it looks really cool and his eyes almost look like glass.

Distressing: I love to distress. I think I used almost every distressing technique I could think of on these two project. I pulled out my distressing kit and went to town.

On the card-I used the distressing tool to tatter the B&T paper and then inked the edges with the distressing inks. I also dragged the distressing ink across the B&T to give it the distressed look. On the main image I sponged Desert Sand ink to soften the look.

On the layout- I used the distressing tool to tatter the B&T and inked the edges just as I did with the card. The Desert Sand cardstock strip I scored every 1/2" vertical and horizontal. Then lightly sand the scored lines. Because CTMH paper has a white core you can get this very effect. With the Indian Corn Blue cardstock I sprayed it with water, wad the cardstock into a ball and then gently unroll the wad of cardstock. I then ironed the wrinkles into the cardstock. For and additional effect take the Indian Corn Blue ink and rub it over the cardstock. The raised parts of the wrinkled paper will pick up the ink. Around the photo I used the distressing tool to curl the cardstock around the photo.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rolling in Leaves

I am not anywhere ready for fall. I feel like summer just got here. However I LOVE this new paper pack and stamp set that will be available in the Autumn/Winter 2009 Idea book

I love acorns. They are so fun. I also love doing the "rolling" technique with leaves. So if you have never tried that technique then let me show you how. Well, actually I am just going to tell you how.

Rolling is a great way to add those special effects to your solid stamps.

1) You will need two inks for this technique. Stamp your image in the lightest color first. In my sample I used sweet leaf ink on the leaf.
2) Before you stamp the images, roll the edges of the stamp in a darker color. In my sample I rolled sorbet ink on the leaf.
3) Stamp the image and you should have a two-toned effect.

Congratulations!!!! You now know how to roll.

Below is a list of items I used to create this fun card.

Background and Textured paper: X7118B Twitterpated (available Sep 1st)
Inks: Sorbet, Sweet Leaf, Chocolate
Stamps: D1371 Many Thanks (available Sep 1st)
Accessories: Chocolate Ribbon Rounds, Buttons, Liquid Glass
Sketch Challenges: mojo101,

Friday, August 21, 2009

I've died and gone to heaven

OHH my gosh I was just in heaven yesterday. It was my birthday (shhhh, lets just keep that our little secret) and my family surprised me with the most amazing cake. OHHHHH yea as you can see it's a "Cheesecake Factory" cake. Carmel and Macadamia nut. Nothing is better than cheesecake. I told my husband that we should get married all over again just so I can have a cheesecake wedding cake. Heeeheheh.

I will for sure have to go on a major diet after this cake but every inch of that cake will be worth it.

August Kit of the Month- "Tinkerin'"

Click on images to enlarge
Tinkerin" kit is full of fun. I love the bright colors in the kit. It is very fun for your summer layouts. My favorite tip on these layouts is making "paper thread" for the buttons.
Layout one is Brandon right before he left for a "High Adventure Scout trip". Layout two is Rachael and her roommates. Layout three is Rachael when she came home from college for the summer.
Therefore you can see that this kit is very versatile and can be used for just about any fun thing you have in mind. Have fun completing your layouts.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


My daughter Rachael has a friend who is leaving for college in a few days. So she needed a card to give her. So I made this one for her using "Color Me Monday" and "Mojomonday"

I think it will be the perfect card for her since she loves anything pink. Below is a list of items I used to create the card. The items can be ordered off my website by clicking on the link. If I can help you in anyway let me know.

Thanks for being my "friends to the end"

Stamps: D1354 Endless Friendship
Inks: Olive, Indian Corn Blue, Tulip, Creme Brulee, Cocoa
Background and Texture Paper: Amore, Aspen
Accessories: Ribbon, Brads


Thank you Karen my BFF and upline for giving me this award. I am always excited when someone thinks my blog deserves an award. The Idyllhours Blog Award is the BFF Award (Blogger's Favorite Friend).

The rules of this award are:
~Accept the award by commenting on the blog of the person that gave it to you.
~Pass it on to five others.
~Reveal 5 things you enjoy doing

The five people I have chosen to award this BFF to are:

5 Things I enjoy doing:
(You can pretty much click around my blog and figure out my 5 favorite things that I am pretty much obsessed about)
~Travel-I love to see the world.
~Photography- I love to take photo's and learn how to be better at it.
~Watching my kids excel in the things they do.
~The vocals of David Archuleta and seeing him perform live leaves me breathless
~Twilight Series- ohhh yea have you seen the trailers for "New Moon"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Card from Jeanette

I had a wonderful surprise as I went to the mailbox yesterday. Jeanette (CEO and founder of CTMH) had sent me a birthday card.

That is just a fun little perk when you are a Director with CTMH. The card totally made my day. It's a simple but yet elegant card. So I just wanted to share it with you. It's just so amazing how a hand stamped card can make you feel so good and fuzzy all over.

Jeanette and CTMH -Thanks so much.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Sneak Peak

I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peak of the September Stamp of the Month. I think it's a very fun set and I just had to start playing with it.

I love all the curly things on the stamp set. This "Color Me Monday" and "MoJo Monday" challenge made a perfect combo to play with this set.

More artwork using this set will be posted later. Check back often.

Below is a list of product I used to create the card. The items can be ordered on my website from the comfort of your own home and PJ's

Background and Textured paper: X7100B Perfect Day
Inks: Sorbet, Sweet Leaf, Chocolate
Stamps: D1375 Treasures (available Sep 1st)
Accessories: Chocolate Ribbon Rounds, Chocolate Brads, Edge Anchors
Challenges: mojo98, Color Me Monday


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