Thursday, October 6, 2011

Technology Overload

I truly am feeling like I am having a major technology overload this week.  It's all good and I love technology.  I actually love to learn about all these techy things.

I have been working on getting better at editing my photos.  So this week my new photo editing software came and I have been playing around with it.  I think I made it through just the basics.  I am so excited to discover all it does.  For starters I wanted to share what I did with these photos, because  I am so excited.  Have I mentioned I am so excited.  HAHAHA.

I took several shots of my daughter at a nearby lake.  It was almost dark when I took these.  I am looking forward to editing more photos that I took at this photo shoot.  I just need to find more time. 


Just when I was feeling a little overwhelmed with this photo editing project my cell phone crashed.  GOOD grief.  So if you have tried to text me in the last day or so and I have not responded it's because I could not access voice or text messages.  So long story short I now have a new phone.  I was a little sad to lay my Blackberry to rest, but this iphone is going to work well for me.  I just need to figure it all out.  You should have seen me trying to turn the alarm off this morning.

So feel free to share your favorite apps with me.  My son was more than happy to set it all up for me.  I think he was taking great pleasure in telling me.  "Mom let me give you a little tutorial"  I knew there was a reason I had children.  They come in so handy at times.  HAHAH jut kidding.


Karen Pedersen said...

The photo is gorgeous! You did a great job editing it. I'm so jealous of your new phone!

Nicole Norris said...
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Nicole Norris said...

Oh. Now you can be more like Me. You use the same photo editing software. You have the same phone (mine is black). I know it is your goal in life and you are well on your way. ROFL


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