Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Greatful and Phase Two of Treatments

I am so very grateful for so many things, but especially so grateful for each of you.  There was a knock at my door a couple weeks ago.  I went to the door and to my surprise it was my lovely downline Sharon.  I was so surprised and thrilled to see her.  She handed me this beautiful card and said to me we all missed you at "Leadershare".  WOW I was so surprised.  Leadershare is a CTMH event that was held a few weeks ago in Ogden and due to limited registration I was unable to get registered in time to attend, but had many fall clean up activities planned with my husband that day so was feeling OK for not getting registered in time.

After Sharon left I found a relaxing spot and opened the card expecting to see a couple of signatures.  However to my surprise I opened the card to find the card completely filled on the inside and back of card with signatures of those that attended "Leadershare" expressing so much love, thoughts and prayers my way.

I have to say there was so much power of love in that card that I just wanted to thank all of you so much and express to you how touched I was.  Actually to be honest I could feel so much love and support that it made me cry.  It's OK because Fred was out of town so it was a much needed cry. So THANKS so much to all of you that signed and sent wishes and prayers my way and thanks to the person who made the beautiful card.

TREATMENT UPDATE:  Well while I am here blogging away I have had many want to know the latest on our treatments so I will quickly update you.  This last week was a difficult and emotional week.  We had some big appointments and had to make the decision to do radiation.  The doctors feel this is the prime time to radiate while the tumor is as small as possible in order to kill that ugly thing as much as possible.  We have known all along that we would probably have to do radiation, but it's just scary.  I realized that I need to exercise more faith.  I know that fear and faith can't exist together so I need to pick one or the other so I better pick faith.

Anyway, radiation will be a daily treatment for the next six weeks.  Our Oncologist admitted to us this week that Fred did better on his chemo treatments than any of the doctors ever expected, so I know that is because of the power of prayer.  Thanks so much to all of you that remember us in your prayers and different prayer rolls and we know we have an army of support behind us.  Have a wonderful day, I love you all and keep praying-teeheheh.


Karen Pedersen said...

Sharon N. and Cindy S. made the card. Isn't it beautiful? We missed you. Thanks for the update on Fred. You and your family continue to be in my prayers daily. LOVE YOU!

Dana said...

Thank you for the update!! Our family prays for you, Fred and your family everyday! Our prayers are with you as you begin radiation. Please know we're right next door for anything you might need, and I MEAN ANYTHING! The daily radiation visit gets old fast. I hated how it was a daily reminder of our situation. Thankfully it's done fast. Fatigue was the hardest part for me, but Fred's stamina continues to amaze me. WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your journey!


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