Monday, November 15, 2010

Photo Class Week 4-"Using Natural Light"

This week Brooke taught us about using natural light.  I love natural light and it was so exciting to learn how to really utilize the light to get the look you want and the many different looks you can get by manipulating the light.  Yes it was another "light bulb went on" week.  Thanks Brooke this was such an amazing class.  Actually, I might suggest that you teach this "Natural Light" class before the "Composition" class.  I would have positioned my subjects completely different last week if I would have known what I know now.  TEEHEEE I am getting very dangerous.

With that said I loved the phrase you used "Choose your light first and then location second"  Well I am not very pleased with my photos this week.  The two days that I was able to grab my camera the weather was terrible.  When you looked up at the sky you saw nothing but very dark and grey.  I have not seen any life of the sun for three days.  So I want to start by saying that I plan to take plenty more photos of "Natural Light" the second I see the sun.

Sidelight:  First assignment was to capture light coming from the side.  Here I placed Lauren in front of her window to help grab the sunlight.
f 2.8
ISO 400

Back light:  Next assignment was to capture the light from the back of the subject.  This photo was taken mid week in the middle of the day and the last day that I saw sun.  Shortly after taken this photo those darn grey clouds moved in and well they are still here.
f 2.8
ISO 400

Front light:  Next assignment was to take a front light photo.  Well the greatest thing about this weekend was my two college daughters came home for the weekend due to some family activities we had going on.  So of course I grabbed them to take this photo.  This was taken around 3:00pm and it was very dark, dreary and cold outside.  Well I must say my two girls asked me to put this photo on facebook and tag them so I guess the cold dark day was worth it.
f  2.8
ISO 200

f 1.8
ISO 400
f 1.8
ISO 400

Natural Reflector: We were then assigned to find a natural reflector.  Here I used the white garage door to reflect light back on the subject.

f 2.8
ISO 200

f 2.8
ISO 200

Silhouette: Ok here is where I FAILED MISERABLY.   I wanted so bad for this to work.  I wanted to get a Silhouette/Sunburst of the Oquirrh Mountain LDS Temple.  I know it can be achieved because I have been on the temple grounds around sunset and have seen the sun wrap around the Temple so beautifully.  No worries I will not let this beat me.  The first evening the sun is actually out I will try this again.

I did wait about 45 minutes in hopes that there would been some sort of a break in the clouds but, no such luck.  So the best thing I could do is adjust my white balance to "Tungsten" to get this look
 f 4
ISO 100

I am going to go ahead and post this photo of a silhouette.  This was taken about two weeks ago and was able to capture a silhouette by accident. I looked out my kitchen window as the sun was setting the sky was so beautiful that I wanted to take a photo of the beautiful sky, but what I got was a silhouette and didn't even know it.
f 22
ISO 1600

Well that is all I have for this week.  Thanks for stopping by.  You will probably find me out somewhere around sunset trying to capture my silhouette and sunburst photos.  I love this technique so I am determined to perfect it.  Have a wonderful week.


Alice said...

Lynette, I really like everything about the photo of Lauren with the book - love how the light wraps around her cute face, love her expression and the composition. You got a great shot of the light shining through the leaves - really lovely. Isn't taking pictures on an overcast day what we all like for portraits? Cute daughters! I know you'll get that temple silhouette you want. Come on, sunshine!

Brooke Snow Photography said...


I'm so excited about your images! What do you mean that you're not pleased with these? You did great!

Side light: Wonderful pretty light! I LOVE LOVE LOVE window light. It is super fantastic. Love that you shot this at 2.8, and the two little eyes peering up out of Harry Potter are priceless. it lends itself to a real fun moment. Glad to see another Harry Potter Fan!

Backlight: GORGEOUS! I love the light coming from behind the leaves, and the shadows that it produces as well. The colors are lovely and the depth of field is dreamy. Well done!

Front Light: What cute girls! And how fun to have them home for the weekend! Love the great depth of field!

The third shot in this series is breathtaking! What beautiful daughters you have! And this shot is just so lovely. The depth of field, the expression on her face, wonderful.

Natural Reflectors: Hooray for natural reflectors! I'm assuming since this is the garage door you also have cement ground? That is also helping to reflect light up as well. It looks like there are still a slight bit of shadows in their eyes--which would be a definite result of overcast skies. One fun trick I learned to get rid of these? Buy a $3 foam core poster board from the grocery store and have them hold it in their hands in front of them. (You'll be getting a close up shot so you won't see the board in your picture.) The board will reflect light up on their faces and fill in the shadow areas--and likely give a nice catch light at the same time. The board will last for years :) Great $3 purchase!

Silhouette! I love that you're playing around with the white balance! It can be a fun creative effect. Silhouettes are definitely easiest when you have the sun making a brighter background and not just dark clouds. The second silhouette is great! this is a really fun effect.

Great work!

Nicole Norris said...

Looking good my friend. I really need to work on my natural light skills. I loved what you did. I can't wait to see you silhouette pic of the temple.


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