Sunday, November 28, 2010

Photo Class Week 5- "Passion"

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I have not had a minute to be on the computer for more than a few minutes for the past week.  I had family coming into town from Colorado for the holidays and we were so excited, because they don't get away very often.  Therefore I wanted everything to be perfect with the house, meals and entertaining.  Everything came off with a big success and we all had a wonderful time together.

So because of all the preparation and fun we were having I didn't have a minute to post my last and final photo class homework assignment.  I always feel that family comes first.  So with that said I am super late but I wanted to post the last and final assignment so I can feel as if I successfully completed this great class.

I want to first thank Brooke for teaching me so much in such a short time.  This class has been so enjoyable and I have enjoyed every minute so thank you Brooke and I hope you offer more photo classes.  I also want to thank my BFF Nicole, because without her I would have never hooked up with Brooke.  Nicole you are such a great blessing in my life.

One of the many, many new skills I learned in this class is I now view my surroundings and the world completely different.  I see the world as a beautiful art canvas with so many opportunities to capture this beauty through photography.  As I go through my busy day I stop and think "ohh that would be a great photo spot or opportunity"   So with that said our last assignment was to pick a few photos that represent something to you that is special.  It didn't have to be photos you take during week 5 or even photos that you took. Just something that you are passionate about.

So as I thought about this the first thing that came to my mind of course was family and friends.  That would have been so easy for me to post something about my awesome family.  However, I decided I want to think of something else that I love because I always photograph my family.  So of course the next thing I am very passionate about is "Travel/Nature"

I love to travel and I love to experience nature.  I especially love mountains and since I grew up in the Colorado Rockies I have been surrounded by mountains from the moment I took my first breath. When my husband and I graduated from college our first job took us to Florida.  Now I must say Florida is a wonderful and beautiful place and we have a time share in Florida and visit it every year.  However when we were there I missed the mountains so much.  Long story short after living in Florida two years we moved back to the west and have lived in Utah for 21 years where I can see the beautiful mountains everyday.

So for my assignment I chose to post some photos I have taken of the mountains.  I decided to also include my love of travel in the assignment.  So as I reflected on the many places I have traveled my favorite places have been Switzerland and New Zealand.  Why do I love these two places so much?  It's the MOUNTAINS that I love, love, love.  It reminds me of my childhood when my dad would take me up to the mountains frequently each summer.  I remember the fresh air and the peace I would feel standing on the crisp ground surrounded by tall trees as I looked up into the sky that was so beautiful.
This photo was taken from my hotel room in Switzerland.  It was breathtaking.
f 3.5
ISO 125

These Swiss Alps were so amazing.   There is just not words to describe the beauty and feelings that I experienced. 
f 3.5
ISO 100

This two photos were taken at Milford Sound, New Zealand.  The mountains and landscape was also breath taking and amazing.
f 5.7
ISO 100

Of course nothing accents the beautiful mountains better than a waterfall coming off the mountain.
f 5.6
ISO 100

Well I have come to the conclusion that me and my camera need to go back to Switzerland and New Zealand.  I photographed all these photos the wrong way with the wrong aperture and shutter speed. However, in my defense they were shot in auto because that is all I knew.  Now I would photograph these in manual   Good grief if only I would have known then what I know now.  Well that is the perfect excuse to go back (like I really needed an excuse)  Until then I hope you enjoy my love for mountains as much as I do.

Have a wonderful day.

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Brooke Snow said...

Oh Lynette! We must be kindred Spirits! I am a mountain girl myself, with a special fondness for those swiss Alps :)

Switzerland is one of my favorite places in the world. Only been there once, but my family heritage is quite strong there. I hope to go back too (now knowing how to work my camera!!! ha ha!)

I hope we run into each other in Switzerland sometime! Shooting manual and enjoying the mountains!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the class! I look forward to seeing the great things you do with photography!

Lovely images :) Truly! Auto or not! Thanks for sharing!


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