Saturday, January 3, 2009

January Kit of the Month-"Aspen"

The wait for snow is over. I didn't have any current photos of the kids in the snow. For this layout I had to go back to 2003 to find any snow photos that I had not already scrapbooked. Well the wait is over and we have had plenty of snow.

Left Page: 5x5
Right Page: 2.5 x5, 5.5x5, 2.5x5

Once Rachael got home from college the kids all decided to have a snowball fight. The snow was just perfect.

Left Page: 5x7, 3x4
Right Page: 5x7, 3x3 (3)

Of course the major battle was between Rachael and Alyssa. They were both covered with snow and laughing. It was a great day.

Left Page: 5x7
Right Page: 5x7, 3x3 (2), 4x6

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