Thursday, April 23, 2009

I am so OVER THE EDGE......

Well, I have not posted anything for a few weeks because I am over the edge. I never dreamed how remodeling one room would create such a mess and disaster. My entire house is covered with either new appliances waiting to be installed or Close To My Heart boxes filled with pots, pans, pantry items ect.... I discovered that I don't deal well with mess and chaos. I wake up in the morning look at the mess and want to go right back to bed. Some days I actually do. Right now I wish I was on a big boat in the middle of the ocean.

We still have lots to do. We or should I say Fred has to finish the tile, finish knocking out that pantry wall, build a pony wall for the bar, paint ect... The electrician should be here any day to do the electricity for my double oven. Did you see that I said "MY DOUBLE OVEN" Fred gives me grief about that double oven every day. However when it's all done I know he will love it.

This oven reminds me of when we were finishing our basement. I really wanted wood stairs. Well as Fred finished each wooden stair he took my name in vain with each piece of wood that he placed down. However, after it was all done he said that was the best thing we have ever done and he loves my wood stairs.

Anyway, new cabinets will be here this Saturday. I'm not sure where we are going to store them until they will be installed on May 11th. I think on May 12th I will have a major party, well hopefully I will at least be able to post a finished kitchen project before we move onto the next room.

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