Thursday, September 9, 2010


Finally today I was able to get my picture on these layouts from our "Passages" workshop.  It took me all day to get my photos printed and on the layouts (no joke).  I decided to use photos from my Europe trip two years ago and trust me there were thousands of photos to go through.  It was so very hard to decide which ones I wanted.
Have I told you how much I love our "Passages" paper pack.  Well I do because the paper tells a story all by itself.  The entire line is about life and taking a journey.  So I did decide to use Europe photos on my layouts, but really these layouts can be used for any event or day of the year.  In a nutshell we are all on a great big journey and just like layout one says "Happiness is not a destination it's a Journey". Trust me it really does say that in the bottom right hand corner of the right page.  You might have to click on the photo to see it.
Layout two is very fun and easy.  The frames on the left hand side of the page I powdered with baby powder on the back. Why did I do that?  No it's not to make the layouts smell good when in fact the layout does smell good for a few minutes. HAHAHA.  The powder actually neutralized the adhesive on the back of the stickease.  Because I popped those frames up with 3-D foam tape I didn't want them to be sticky and sticking in all the wrong places.
Layout three will go together very quickly for you.  If you are loving the layouts (which I am sure you are-haha) and you don't come to my workshops then what are you waiting for?  We have so much fun.  Email me for details at  You can complete the layouts with me walking you through them or on your own.

Have a great day and enjoy your life "Journey"

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Nicole Norris said...

your layouts look great my friend!


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