Saturday, February 7, 2009

"It's Not the Size of Dog in the Fight...but the Size of Fight in the Dog"

That quote says it all. Alyssa did just that this week at "Regionals". She set her goals and when it came time to perform she had lots of FIGHT in her. She finished all of her individual events in first place. We were so very proud of her. It's a moment that every parent needs to experience.

With that finish she has qualified for the state team and will swim again this upcoming weekend. So wish us all luck and keep us in your thoughts. It's a very exciting time but very intense. I know my heart will skip many beats before the meet is over. I think I almost get as much of a workout in the stands with all my screaming, squirming and jumping up and down.


Nicole said...

I am sure she will do GREAT!! Good Luck and try not to embarrass your daughter. j/k

Lynette said...

OHHH Nicole thanks so much. I'm pretty sure I already embarrass her with all the photos I take. At "Region" one parent asked me if I worked for Sports Illustraed. SO I said yes I am the photographer for the swim suit edition. TEEHEEE I love it.


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