Friday, February 20, 2009

March Kit of the Month-"Daydream"

PINK,PINK,PINK,is the only color for Lauren. This was her 7th birthday. She was so excited to get her Pink cake and her presents wrapped in pink princess paper.

Photo Suggestions:
Left Page-5x7, 3x3
Right Page- 4x4 (3)

This was Alyssa's first high school dance. It was a special time because when got to experience that with her sister Rachael. Alyssa went with a very cute boy and it was a long day because our sweethearts dance is always the day of our State Swim meet. She looked very cute in her bright pink dress, but go figure I would have much rather seen there faces for the photo. I hope I am a fly on the wall when she looks back at this layout in several years to hear her say "OHHHHH Yuck" what were we thinking. What can I say I love teenagers and how everything is so exciting to them and nothing else in the world is important.

Photo Suggestions:
Left Page-3 3/4 x3, 8x8
Right Page- 4x4 (2), 3x3 (2)

Going to Cinderella's castle each time we go to Magic Kingdom is always a must do on Lauren's list. We usually eat lunch in the castle. In Lauren's eyes it's a dream come true and at that very moment nothing else in the world matters to her. It's fun to see her so happy.

Photo Suggestions:
Left Page- 4x6, 4x2.5 (2)
Right Page- 8x6, 4.5x4.5

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