Friday, August 20, 2010

It's a Mystery

OHHH my goodness do you all think that I have been missing in action?  Well I am not totally missing just time flying quickly by.  It seems like just a few days ago the kids were just getting out of school and then I blinked and WOW I realized that it's time to go back to school, finish up my yard work, home improvements, harvest my many tomatoes in the garden (well almost time for that) and all the other many things I have to do on my daily "To Do" list.

My latest hobby that I have picked up is quilting so I wanted to share my latest project with you.  Yikes, I never in a million years thought I would find myself quilting.  However, I have found it to be very enjoyable, relaxing and it allows me to have a creative outlet other than scrapbooking.  I love to scrapbook very much, but due to everything that has been going on in our lives this has been a very therapeutic thing for me.  I have been going to a quilt club in my area that has been organized by my dear friend Juli.  I love meeting up with my quilt club ladies each month. 

Over the last few months Juli planned a "Mystery Quilt" for us.  Each month she gave us an assignment.  The first month was to buy the fabric, the following month we did the cutting and then the next two months she gave us sewing instructions.  We had no idea what the quilt would look like when we finished.  However I was not worried one minute because Juli does amazing work and I knew it would be well worth it in the end.  Each of us in the club chose different fabric so our quilts are all different.  Anyway, I was very happy with the way my quilt turned out.  I love pink and brown if you have never noticed so of course when I went to the fabric store all the pink and brown fabric jumped out at me and into my arms.
(Click on image to enlarge)
Front of quilt

Back side of quilt

Thanks so much for taking a minute to share my excitement with me.  Have a wonderful day.


Karen Pedersen said...

Loooove it! What a gorgeous creation. I'm so glad that you have found something that has helped you through this difficult time. Quilting is something I have always wanted to learn but am really scared to get into. I'm afraid it will become as a big an obsession for me as scrapbooking. Oh dear!

Margi said...

Gorgeous, simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Tiffanie said...


Nicole Norris said...

It looks amazing!!! Love it!! I am glad you are still finding time to do something fun with your crazy busy life.


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