Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back Blogging- "Magnifique Workshop layouts"

You are probably wondering if the phrase "Back Blogging" is a proper phrase or what it means.  Well it is a legal phrase according to Lynette.  In the medical profession when we need to add a late entry into the chart we call it "back charting" so why not have the same concept in the blogging world.  Therefore let me introduce you to my back blog post.

Life gets very hetic for me and my minutes turn into days and weeks.  These layouts should have been posted a month ago, but I am just getting around to it.  So today we are back blogging.  Just pretend that this post is back about a month ago.  HAHAHAHA.

Very fun layouts we did last month.  There are a few tips and tricks that I will explain so stay with me here.  Some of the layouts were inspired by my upline and friend Karen Pedersen and Magic How-To book.  Layout 2 Karen had made and posted and I just loved it.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Layout 1
 Tip for layout one is using the color ready alphabet to spell the word "Snow"  We also want to spell the word "Winter" on layout 2.  Problem is that there is only one "W" in the color ready package.  Well that is no problem.  All you have to do is take two "V" and put them together and you have a "W"  If you look really close at the letter "W" in SNOW you can see that it is two "V"  Pretty cool huh?  Well at least I thought so.

The snow flakes were textured using the glimmer mist technique.  See below for making glimmer mist. 
Layout 2
Tips for layout 2 is sponging.  The base cardstock pieces are colonial white.  Using a round sponge and lots of ink we sponged the entire page giving it a sky feel and look.  Snowflakes were also given the glimmer mist to make them look very shimmery.  You probably can't see it in the photo but the snowflakes and so fun. 
Layout 3
Sorry no photos on the layout yet
We really don't have any fancy tips or tricks to layout 3.  Those of you following my cutting diagrams I didn't include the dimensions for the photo pieces on layout 3.  That is because I went through my packet and used the scraps to get the mats for my photos.  Here are the dimensions if you are interested. 
Colonial white cardstock piece:  5x7
Lagoon and Pacificia  cardstock pieces:  4 1/4" x 4 1/4"

You will love this technique.  It makes your images very shimmery and they really pop.  Check back later and I will post this on my tutorial page at the top of my blog.  For now this is all you do. 

Equal parts of pearl paint and rubbing alcohol.  Mix in a spray bottle or use our spray pen.  You can add reinker to color the glimmer mist if you choose.  Spray your image (in this case we sprayed the snowflakes)  Let dry and you have a shimmery snowflake.  You can add some prisma glitter to really make them sparkle if you wish.

You will want so clean your sprayer immediately after you spritz your images to prevent the sprayer from clogging.  The paint tends to really clog your sprayer.  I get everything ready spray all flakes and then wash my spray pen out really good.

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Karen Pedersen said...

Dear Miss Back-Blogger, Your layouts are awesome. So is your vocabulary! :) Love ya!


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