Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quilts for the Kids

I was talking to a dear friend yesterday and she reminded me that I never showed her the quilts I made for my kids for Christmas.  I guess with the holiday craziness I totally forgot to post.  Anyway, I got a wild hair before Christmas to make each of my kids a quilt to give to them on Christmas Eve.  Yes, we have that fun tradition to open something on Christmas Eve.  I was not sure if they would just roll there eyes or if they would think "Great here is another one of mom's hobbies"

I had to work fast and furious to get all four done.  I MADE it with the exception of Brandon.  His quilt was an embroidered football quilt that I was not able to get over to my quilter before Christmas, but the quilt top was done.  Sad thing I still have not taken it over to my quilter.  She has been in the middle of planning a wedding so I was pretty sure she didn't want to see the whites of my eyes.  So after this week I will get that over to her and will post when I get it back.

Well much to my surprise they loved the quilts.  I told my two college girls that they can just save them for when they have a home if they want, but nope they both took them back to college with them.  WOW they know how to make a mom feel good.

 This one I gave to Rachael.  The pattern I used is called "Fat Quarter Fun" from Country Threads.  I put minki on the back to make it super soft.  The back is my favorite.  It really shows the quilting.  It makes you want to just cuddle up and watch a great chick flick.

Alyssa's quilt was done using the pattern "Out of Time" by Crazy Old Ladies.  This quilt works up so fast.  I used a layered cake from Moda which made this super fast.  If you need to whip up a quilt in a day I suggest this pattern.

Lauren's quilt is a log cabin.  You can never go wrong with a log cabin pattern.  She loved the fun and spunky colors.  I scalloped the boarder and added rick rack around the binding.

Brandon's quilt I will post soon.  Hopefully it will look great when I get it back from my quilter.  Right now if I have to look at one more football I will scream.

Well it was very fun to do this for them.  HOWEVER, I think I might have gotten myself in a little deep because the kids are already asking me "Mom have you started our Christmas quilts yet for next year"  YIKES


Nicole Norris said...

Oh my word! These are GORGEOUS!!! Tell your kids you are making a quilt for me before they get another one.

Tamara said...

Do either you or Fred sleep?? I can't keep up with you!

Karen Pedersen said...

Ummmmmm...WOW! You are amazing! Nicole, she is making one for ME before she makes one for you! :)


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