Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sharing Some Successful Studio J

Wow, did you all notice that "Sharing Some Successful Studio J" is a lot of "S" words.  That could be a real tongue twister don't ya think?  Anyway I hope everyone is having a fantastic day.  I just wanted to share some Studio J layouts that I have recently done.

As you all know I LOVE Studio J .   It is not an abandonment to traditional scrapbooking,  but works as a companion along side traditional scrapbooking or looks beautiful all by itself .  That is the beauty of it. 

Have you noticed at the top of my blog there is a page tab that says "Online Scrapbooking"  I am in the process of adding a few Studio J tips, tricks, tutorials and techniques under that page so check back often to view some great Studio J information to help you.

Remember to click on image to enlarge

What I love about this Studio J layout is that you can easily journal on the photos.  Notice the journaling on the photo in the right hand corner.

With Studio J it's so easy to edit your photos.  Alyssa was wearing a bright orange shirt that was so distracting to the overall layout.  With one little click I changed my color photo to black and white.  It made the world of difference.

Journaling in white.  I love that look.

I added lots of layering and matting to this layout.

This layout I used the background and textured paper as the base.  It really added to the theme of this layout.

Of course my favorite thing in the world to do in Studio J is re size all or any of the embellishments to the size I want.

Have a great day.  That is all I have for today.  Thanks for stopping by and if you have not played around with Studio J give it a try.  You will LOVE it.


Nicole Norris said...

These look great! I love the state swim layouts. I like that the layout is monochromatic. (I hope that means what I think it means- all blue tones)

Karen Pedersen said...

GRRRRRRR-EAT layouts. I love every one!

Trisha Morton said...

Love these layouts! Great tip on the journalling on the photos, too. Thanks for sharing!


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