Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lifestyle Photography-License to Drive and Yardwork

WOW where did this last week go.  My lifestyle photos of the week were not my favorite photos I have ever taken so I guess I will just have to take some more.    So if you are wondering what I did all weekend here ya go.

Well I like this photo.  Since I am a mountain girl I love anytime I can get the mountains in the background.
My son Brandon gets his license in 7 days and he is not letting me forget it.  So every Sunday evening we go for a ride.  We drive and drive and drive in order to get all his hours in.  So this week I made him pull off the road and I had a little fun taking some photos using a different point of view. 

You have all been warned.  Come March 22nd I suggest you stay OFF the road because here comes Brandon.  Haha-just kidding.

So speaking of "Less is More"  we have too many fruit trees and I am very tired of the mess in the summer.  So here we are giving the tree's a little trim and will spray them this weekend.  Brandon and Fred were on a roll trimming these trees.  Unfortunately there were only able to get one tree done.  Those darn trees are lots of work.

Have a great week and wish us luck that we will get all those trees trimmed.

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Nicole Norris said...

You did a great job! I think the car pictures are COOL! It will make a great layout. I may be a little bias but I think you've got skills girl!


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