Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's an Oldie

This frame sets on my counter in our office.  I had someone request that I send her photos of it so I thought I would just post for all of you to see.  I made this frame a couple years ago when I was asked to teach at convention for CTMH.

I started with a wooden frame that I picked up at a local craft store.  Put adhesive on the front of the frame.  Adhere the stripe B&T paper to the corners.  Then take B&T #2 and tear the corners.  Distress the torn corners with chocolate ink and adhere that to the frame.  I then distressed around the entire frame.

Then just add as many accessories as you choose.  This particular project I was asked to teach about the voice recorders that we use to carry.  So I had my kids record something they loved about there Mom.  It's something that I will always treasure and the best memory was watching my kids think of something they loved about mom.  It was hilarious.

This makes a great "Mother's Day" project and I promise your mom will love it.

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Anonymous said...

What is b&t paper?


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