Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lifestyle Photography: 1st Day of Spring-NOT

This weekend I was hoping for warm weather.  There is a very fun lake not too far from my house that I like to walk around.  It's very peaceful and gives me time to think and ponder.  So I took my camera and my daughter Lauren with me and had great visions of capturing some wonderful photos.  However it was so cold and miserable the only thing I captured was my daughter wondering why we were doing this.

Conceptual Contrast:
Here I was trying to capture the contrast of man vs nature.

Click on images to enlarge if desired

Well the compositions were not as cute as I was hoping but Lauren did agree to do  another photo shoot on a WARM day.

Decisive Moment:
Back at home Lauren was teaching Shilo some tricks with the help of a few treats.  They were on the move around the deck so it was hard to compose them just right.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing my life through my lens.


Nicole Norris said...

You my friend crack me up. Each week you tell me how TERRIBLE your photos are going to be and then each week they are fabulous! I love the second photo with Lauren's back to the camera and I love that she is so cold in the picture with her laying on the bridge. The picture just has more emotion because it isn't a perfect sunny day it is life. Life is cold and windy sometimes. In the last picture Lauren is looking more and more like her older sisters. I do find it funny that she is bare foot after complaining about how cold it was. Great job! I can't wait to see your "terrible" photos next week.

Karen Pedersen said...

I think all the photos turned out GREAT, cold weather or not. And, what a trooper Lauren was to be your model in the freezing cold. Where is Spring, anyway? I'm still waiting too!

Niki Baldwin said...

I love these photos!!! Great job with your composition and capturing that it is a cold day (even though it's suppose to be spring)

Rachel Abelson said...

I love the last one....way to wait for it!

Kate Ware said...

I'm with Nicole -- your pics always turn out wonderful, Lynette! And as for spring . . . . I'll take this, because my friends in ND just got a foot of snow!! LOL!

Christy said...

Great pictures. I really like your second one!


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