Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lifestyle Photography: Thematic/Self-Portrait Shooting

Well another week has quickly passed me by.  I took some photos of Brandon this past weekend.  I was trying to create the story with just one photo.  I took several shots and I just could not decide which one photo to share with you.  So I narrowed it down to two.  Let me know which one you like best.


 Concept/Theme:  Adventures into music

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Self Portrait Challenge:
Brace yourself because I have taken another challenge for myself.  The challenge is to commit to putting yourself in the photo at least once a week.  I love to be behind the camera and find it so rewarding when I get that perfect shot.  However, as I go through family photos I have very few photos of my mother.  WHY-because she was always behind the camera.  So I challenged myself to do better.  I am not sure I can bring myself to post them, but at least I will take them just so my kids and future grand kids will know that I actually did exist.

So here is my attempt at a self portrait:

ATTEMPT 1:  FAILED-That dang dog was making this project impossible.  He was in my face, my lap and driving me crazy.  So I locked him on the deck.  Problem is he STILL appeared in the photo and this time it looks like his tail is growing out of my head.  UUGGHHH
Attempt 2:  So I locked the dog off the deck this time and finally got a photo without him in it.


Karen Pedersen said...

I like photo #2 of Brandon and both of you...even with the dog's tail growing out of your head. :)

Nicole Norris said...

I just love ya girl. Once again your "horrible" pictures are fabulous I too like the second photo of Brandon best. I want to know why your cute face isn't in more pictures? I didn't post my 1st, 2nd, ... 10th attempt becaue I looked terrible not because of a dog tail growing out of my head. I am sad this is our last week of class. I know I am not as faithful at pulling out my camera without an assignment.

Rachel Abelson said...

Love the first one! Perfect for your theme!

Kate Ware said...

I love all the photos! But think #2 of Brandon fits the concept better. And why would you not post pics of you? You're absolutely gorgeous! Also want to know where you and Nicole are taking classes . . . would love to learn to take awesome photos like you two! Hugs!


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