Friday, March 18, 2011

Lots of Layouts

Boot Camp or bust.  Haha that was my frame of mind last weekend.  CTMH is hosting a Studio J (online/digital scrapbooking) boot camp for consultants.  Registration was open to only 40 participants.  Last month I decided that I have way too much on my plate and that I was not going to go.  However, this last weekend I just felt so inspired that I needed to go.  My family all said "I can't believe you are not going" and trust me anytime CTMH has an event it is so worth every penny and minute.

So when I sat at my computer I had all the criteria to go with the exception I needed to have completed 20 Studio J layout.  UGGGHHHHH I think I had only completed 10.  So I kept telling myself there is no way I can get 10+ layouts done in a weekend.   It was going to be a busy weekend with me finishing up my workshops, Fred had a treatment and lots of other things going on.  So I just came to the conclusion that I would work a little here and a little there on the layouts and after I am done with all 20 if registration is closed that will be my answer that I was not suppose to go.

So I completed my layouts and ohhh yes registration was still open so I took the plunge and registered.  However I think I got the last spot because when I went back to the computer a few minutes later  the registration link had been taken down.  WOW that's what I call a "close call"  and yes I think it was a sign I needed to go and have a good time.  I am very excited to go and spend time with my CMTH friends for a two day boot camp.

Ohhh I almost forgot.  Do you want to see the layouts I did?  Of course you want to see them.  HAHAHA.  I will post half of them now and half later.

Click on images to enlarge
DISNEY LAYOUTS:  It was good to get some of these Disney layouts done.  We are going to Florida this year so I will have more photos so it feels good to have 2009 almost completed with a combination on traditional and Studio J scrapbooking.

Ok now I have to admit the greatest thing about doing your vacation layouts in Studio J is you can click "Copy" and print as many as you would like to have a layout for each child's book.

Thanks for stopping by.  I will post more later but hope you have a fantastic day.  OHHH and by the way I was not around yesterday to wish all of you a Lucky St. Patrick's day so I am wishing you one now.


Karen Pedersen said...

DARLING layouts and DEFINITELY a sign you needed to go! I'm so glad you'll be joining Nicole and I. It will be a BLAST!

Nicole Norris said...

I am so stinking giddy!!! I have been doing a lucky leprechaun jig. How is that for festive. Great job on your layouts and the 3 of us are going to bring down the house!

amcgrew said...

Lynette, I am so happy you are going to Boot Camp-I will see you there!


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