Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lifestyle Photography: Swimming

This last weekend I was given an assignment to present part of the lesson at church.  So as I was thinking what I could say that perhaps would be inspirational I immediately thought of my grandmother.  When I was a small child I would climb upon her lap and listen to the amazing stories she had to tell me and trust me she had some amazing stories.

I am sure my grandmother kept a journal but I have not idea where it's at and she has very few photos.  Therefore I immediately thought of my future heritage.  To me it seems that I live a very boring life, but generations down the road I am sure it will be amazing how we did things, what the prices were, trends ect.   I want to leave a legacy behind to document time for my family ect.......  Therefore documenting life through photography is a very high goal of mine.

So I will start by sharing just a typical weekend activity.  The activity is my daughter Lauren taking  private swim lessons.  My goal is to have the photos tell the entire story, but I am adding some journaling to complete the story.

I stated the photo shoot by taking some detail shots.  I love detail shots.  Here we have the many supplies and equipment you will find at the pool.

Next I photographed my subject.  Here we have Lauren trying to master the breast stroke kick.

Finally I shot a couple conflict shots.  Conflict meaning emotion or response.  I love the third photo in this sequence.  Lauren is so tired she is trying to talk the teacher out of doing another lap.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek at my "Lifestyle" photos for the week.  You will all probably see these photo's again when  I scrapbook them.


Karen Pedersen said...

I'm so with you! I am such a believer in documenting out lives, feelings, traditions and memories through photos and journaling for posterity. What awesome photos. Love ya. Can't wait to see you for a second on Friday!

Nicole Norris said...

Great detail shots! Nice way to include the name of the place on the flipper. I don't know about you but while taking my pictures all I could think of was how they were going to look in a layout and how much more interesting the layout would be with the pictures.
quick question - what is on the "no diving" tiles?

janeen kelley said...

I'm so with you! What I would'nt give for more family history photos. I really love your pics--especially the detail shots of her really focusing on her kicks. Oh yeah-- I also really liked the one with the flippers too! Flippers--I wonder how obsolete they'll be in 200 years, right?! See you next week!

Krista Lee said...

Great detail shots!!


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