Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taking a Break

You are truly witnessing history here.  Fred and Shilo taking a nap. 

Actually there is more to the story than just taking a nap.  We are truly taking a BREAK from all treatments and we feel completely at peace with our decision and so does our doctor. 

The chemo treatments have really broken Fred's body down.  He needs time to heal both physically and mentally.  He needs time to rebuild his resources, catch up on lots of sleep and the pain to go away.  However while we are doing this we need those darn cancer cells to behave themselves and go to sleep or better yet die.

The plan is to take a break for one month and then we will repeat a PET scan and see where we are and if the chemo is doing what we need it to do.  So we plan to enjoy this next month.  I am hoping for some great weather so we can get outside for some fresh air and nature.

In the mean time thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  I completely believe that all prayers are answered and miracles happen but at the right time.  Your prayers are truly what we need right now and it is what keeps us going everyday and the reason I get out of bed.  Trust me it has crossed my mind many times to just pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep.  HAHAHA.  Well I hope that we will learn what we need to learn from this trial very soon and then move on.  However, until then we feel very blessed for wonderful friends, family and faith.

Love you all.  Have a great day.


Kate Ware said...

What a peaceful, wonderful photo!! There is nothing better, IMHO, than puppy snuggles! I think, if he is as run down and in pain as you indicate, that you're right to be at peace with your decision. After all, the goal is to live with the cancer, right? Ultimately, we'd love to see him beat it -- for it to disappear completely! (And believe me, there are prayers out there for that very thing!) But in the meantime, living is the most important thing -- and if he's so sick and run down he can't do that, then I think the cancer has scored a small victory -- KWIM? Enjoy your month of freedom and living -- will pray for wonderful weather so you can enjoy each other as well as the outdoors. God Bless!

Nicole Norris said...

First things first good for you for listening to your instincts. It is probably a good idea that Fred have a chance to get some rest before my visit in May. The two of us together can be a lot to handle and I am glad you two are wise enough to prepare. Seriously you two are both amazing and strong and you have an army of people behind you. We all love you and will continue to be sending our petitions on your behalf.
Secondly amazing photo. Love it!!!

Jillene Moen said...

I am praying so for your strength too. That is a peaceful photo of your honey. God has given the wisdom and training to do what is best and also to take care of you. So nice to see you at Bootcamp Studio J, to get away for 2 days. Thinking of you and sending hugs.


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