Friday, May 6, 2011

"Sophia" Workshop

Here is the Sophia workshop we did last month. I love this kit and paper pack so much. I hope someday when my kids get married that one of them picks these colors as there wedding colors so I can make the entire wedding album with this paper pack and colors.  You see it's all about me and the photos and the layouts.  TEEHEHE

Pinks, Greens, and a bit of Orange for a summer wedding just spells beautiful. Actually I think that just spells summer and fun in general. Well as far as I know I don't have to worry right now about planning a wedding. WHEW!!!!

Layout One:
I chose to use bigger photos.  You may want to refer to the brochure if you plan on putting more photos on the page.

Photo Tip:
Remember to take photos of yourself.  It's a hard thing for me as well but I am trying to do better and hand the camera to someone else or use my camera timer.
Layout Two:
This layout uses lots of white space.  I usually am not a fan of white space.  I tend to like LOTS of color.  However with this layout the white space really makes the other colors pop.

Photo Tip:
These photos of Rachael and her friend Brandon were taken in a very busy restaurant with lots of background noise.  So try printing your photos in black and white.  When the photo is in black and white it will fade the background noise and focus on the subject.
Layout Three:
This layout is such a fun layout for Spring.  Enjoy taking lots of photos of Spring colors for this layout.

Have fun finishing up your layouts complete with photos and journaling.  This month we will work with the "Lucky" kit.  You are in for a treat.  I have loved working with the Lucky kit and you will too. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Speaking of Spring I am off to do some yardwork.  Have a great weekend and  Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there.

Photo Tip:
Don't be afraid to when taking photos to tilt your camera.  The photo on the right hand page of Rachael leaning against that twig I tilted my camera.  It give the photo a fun and interesting twist.

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Karen Pedersen said...

Gorgeous layouts and such fun photos, my friend. I LOVED spending time with you at Boot Camp, especially the first day when we got to sit together. I just love ya and am so blessed to call you friend.


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