Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Big Project is FINISHED!!!!!

YIPPEE. I have my computer back so now I can tell you all about my big project I have been involved with. There is a first time for everything right???????? Well I decided to take on a big project that I had never done before. Since Alyssa was a captain this year it's the duty of the captain mom's to come up with the end of the year coaches gifts that are presented at the banquet.
So don't ask where this came from, but I decided I wanted to do something very unique, but very personal for the coaches which have done so much for my girls over the years. So out of the clear blue I decided to make them each a quilt. Not only make a quilt but it has to be a SWIMMING QUILT!!!!! WAIT I don't quilt. Well I love a challenge and I love to learn new things so I decided I was going to do this. I do have a wonderful embroidery machine so I decided to do some embroidery work on the blocks (that was the easy part for me).

I set off to the store to find myself some fabric and a pattern. The biggest challenge was that I only had two weeks to get two quilts done. So as I was at the store feeling very overwhelmed and wondering where I should start I hear this voice from clear across the store. "OHHH my gosh is that Lynette Kankamp in a fabric store". I turned around and it was my good friend and neighbor Juli that I had completely forgot is a wonderful quilter. So Juli reassured me that I can get this done. She said to call her when I have my fabric. Honestly without Juli I don't think I could have done this. When I had problems or questions I turned to Juli for guidance. I am sure she was so sick of me by the end. HAAHAHA

Well, anyway I found out that the banquet was postponed by a week so I had an extra week to get this project done. I was very proud of the way it turned out. My son Brandon kept saying to me "Mom, I hope you don't mess this up" Thanks Brandon but "why would I mess this up" and he just kept saying to me "well you are not really a quilter" HAHAH well I got the last laugh because he loved the finished product. In fact he said to me "Mom, do you think you would be willing to make me one like that only with a football theme" OHHH my gosh that was a priceless moment.
Well in addition to that my girls both said they want a swimming one just like the coaches quilt and then Lauren said to me that since I was making one for everyone else in the family she wants a quilt to. WOW didn't know I was going to be opening up a can of worms.

Well, anyway this is the back of the quilt. It looks just like water don't you think?
Here is Alyssa presenting the quilts to the Coaches. I hope they love them, but most of all it was made from my heart and I appreciate the countless hours they have dedicated to both my girls over the many years. Andee you are our HERO and I hope you know that you are a second mom to Rachael and Alyssa.
Here are just a few details of the quilt. This block I had to put on the quilt because it's a little cheer Alyssa does behind the block before she swims. B.H.S. Yes

Thanks so much for taking a peek.


Tiffanie said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Those are amazing...and yes they are a big deal and a project!!! I have a friend who makes quilts like that for a living from her cute little quilt store here in my home town...I know the work and patience that goes into them...what an awesome gift!!!

Susann said...

Beautiful. You are one talented lady!

Rudy Rukus said...

Those are beautiful. While you are making the new ones why don't you whip up a few for me and my kids too. haha!

Tamara said...

I want that quilt!!!!!

Jackie said...

Oh my heck! You did such a great job. I bet Andee and Carl will cherish their quilts forever. They are so beautiful and also so fun. Way to go!

Nicole Norris said...

Those are AMAZING!! You are also CRAZY!!! I got a bee in my bonnet and did two piece quilts (one for Brock and one for Mikele)so I know how long these things take. I can't believe you got them both done in 3 weeks.


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