Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Baby is So Sick!!!!

Hey guys I am still around. I have had a big project on my plate for the last 2-3 weeks. The project is finished and turned out awesome (if I have to say so myself). I plan to post and share it here, but my dear baby has crashed and is very sick. Yes my baby is my desktop computer. I do everything from that baby. It has all my photos on it and my entire life. So once I get him back from the computer doc/hospital I have lots to post including my big project that I did.

Thanks for your patience especially those waiting for me to post the workshop projects.


Rudy Rukus said...

Get that thing fixed I am dying to know what you have been working on!!!!

David and Kate said...

we recently had a scare with our computer.... Not sure if you back things up but we got carbonite... look into it. Its pretty cheap for what it does. All your files are stored online so if you computer dies, not all your pics and things are lost. Hope it gets beeter soon :)


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