Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Game of GOLF

As we wind down to the end of summer I am always so sad to see summer come to an end.  However a highlight at the end of the Summer for our family is my husbands summer party hosted by his company "Morinda".  They do an amazing job and one of the biggest parties you have ever seen and the entire family is invited. 

This year my husband decided that we would participate in the golf tournament hosted by his company.  So we formed  our family  foursome (Fred, Me, Brandon and Alyssa).  Fred of course has played lots of golf and I have played a little, but Brandon and Alyssa has never played.

 So the idea was to really just have fun.  For the most part that is what we did but there were times that the competitive side of my family came through.  Alyssa is a "lefty" and so she had her left handed clubs and was being a good sport and decided golf is really not her thing and perhaps needs to just stick to swimming, biking and those kind of things. 
Brandon on the other hand was very good for never playing.  Maybe he has found his new niche. Anyway, we did have lots of fun and we ended up finishing a few over par.  So not that bad for three of us being very inexperienced.  I had tons of fun taking photos.  I took lots of photos and plan to scrapbook them in STUDIO J.  So check back often and see the fun layouts using these photos.

Well the ironic part of all of this is that Alyssa won the straightest drive.  Her ball was just a few inches from the line.  She was given a fun gift that evening at the party.  She was excited that she won, however she was thinking that she was going to win $100 of cold hard cash and was thinking that it would come in so handy to buy text books but what she really won was $100 gift certificate to the Pro Golf shop and 18 holes of gold.  HAHAH.  Well she gave that to her dad so hopefully he will get to reap the rewards of her straightest dive.

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Nicole Norris said...

Seriously that is some serous putting. Laying on the greens like that! Jason and I gold once a year at the family reunion in Island Park. It is rather embarrassing.


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