Monday, June 1, 2009

April Kit of the Month "Stardust"

This kit is so perfect for any sport layouts. Here I used it for Brandon's football season. I still have to journal-yikes that is the thing I hate to do. I will never be a good journalist.

Layout 2: It took me several weeks to get this layout done because it kept raining and so many of our games were cancelled. So when the games are cancelled that means no photo opportunities for mom. Actually speaking of rain you probably can't read it but part of the journaling (yes I actually did some journaling) I found this quote that I love and it worked perfect with the season. "Some days you win, some days your lose...and some days it rains....BULL DURHAM
Layout 3: This layout I just used different photos of Brandon in the backyard being a kid. So besides this being a perfect sport kit you can also use it for just about any occasion or event.

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