Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Follow Me........

I am just hours away from boarding the plane to Europe with my son. We are so excited. I thought you might want to follow me through Europe for the next two weeks. However, once I get back I will be sharing all kinds of fun photos and memories with you.

My son told me last night "Mom, I am so glad you are going with me" ohhh my gosh I almost cried. It was nice to know he has a soft side under that sports hard core image he holds. Below is our itinerary. I just love Europe, traveling and photography which equals scrapbooking. I feel so blessed to be able to experience the world. This will be my third time to Europe and I wish I could stay longer.

Day 1 - Fly overnight to England
Day 2 - London -Arrive in London
Take a tour of London:
The Strand
Covent Garden
Day 3 - London
Take a guided tour of London:
Big Ben and Houses of Parliament
Piccadilly Circus
London Eye and Thames River cruise
Day 4 - London • Paris
Travel on the Eurostar train to Paris
Take a walking tour of Paris:
Opéra district
Visit the Louvre
Day 5 - Paris
Take a guided tour of Paris:
Arc de Triomphe
Visit Notre Dame Cathedral
Day 6 - Burgundy • Lucerne
Travel through Burgundy to Lucerne
Days 7-8 - Lucerne • Tyrol
Take a guided tour of Lucerne
Mount Pilatus
Travel via Liechtenstein to Innsbruck
Continue on to the Tyrol region
Day 9 - Tyrol • Munich
Travel through Oberammergau
Visit Neuschwanstein Castle
Continue on to Munich
Take a walking tour of Munich
Day 10 - Munich
Take a guided tour of Munich:
Olympic Stadium
BMW headquarters
Schwabing district
Visit Dachau
Day 11 - Heidelberg
Take a guided tour of Rothenburg
Take a guided tour of Heidelberg:
Heidelberg Castle
Castle wine barrel
Day 12 - Depart for home

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