Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"You Rock" Workshop

WOW. Life has quickly passed me by. I am so behind on posting the last couple of workshop projects. So sorry. Hopefully I can get them posted this week.

Thanks so much for your patience. Here is last months layouts. If you didn't finish hopefully you can look at the samples here and get them finished. Let me know if I can help you in anyway.

Have fun finding the perfect photos for these layouts. They are so universal that you can use almost any photos on these layouts.

Don't forget all those photos you have of your kids listening to there ipods. Perfect layouts for those photos
To complete these layouts I used the folloiwng supplies. Click on links below to view and order supplies.

1 comment:

Nicole Norris said...

Seriously women you just need to manage your time better! Than you really could do EVERYTHING! Oh wait you already do. j/k LOL! I think you are amazing. By the way my family saw the picture of you and me on my wall and are convinced we are "sisters from another mister!"


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