Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 3-New Zealand-"Shocked to Death"

I KILLED MY FRIEND today. Ohhh gosh. So for those of you that have never traveled internationally let me get you up to speed. You need to have special adapters and a converter for each different country. So I have a little bag of adapters that I take when I travel internationally. I don't know what happened because it worked just fine the day before. However, today when I plugged my curling brush into the adapter and converter it sizzled, sparked, blew black smoke back out at me and knocked out all the power in our room . Maintenance had to come up and fix everything.

Have you ever seen that movie "Just Married" with Ashton Kutcher where he is in Europe on his honeymoon and plugs his American plug into a European outlet without an adapter and basically blows the hotel up. Well that is how I felt.

So as you guessed I had a burial service for my best friend and laid her to rest in the garbage can there in Christchurch. I guess you could say I left a piece of me in New Zealand. As a result I finished out the trip with my round brush and there blow dryer.
Well I am so glad the rest of the day went much better. We had a business meeting with the corporate staff. We played New Zealand wed- AKA Newlywed game. The office called 5 couples from our group up. OHHH my gosh I have never laughed so hard in my life. I think I was in tears.

Larry Gelwix traveled with us. So those of you that know I am passionate about the movie "Forever Strong" well that movie is about Larry as a rugby coach. If you have not seen it then order it on amazon and watch it with your family. It has a wonderful meaning. Anyway, Larry autographed each of us a copy of the movie and gave us. Now I have three copies in my home. It was just so nice of him to do that.

We completed the day by site seeing. The above structure of metal is a memorial structure in the city that the USA gave to Christchurch. It's some of the metal from 911. New Zealand sent several brave fire fighters to the USA to help with ground zero. It was a very humbling structure. We then did some shopping, and museums. In New Zealand the museums are free so that is very cool. As we were walking about I noticed tons of Thi food restaurants. So we decided to try Thi food. Of course Fred had eaten Thi food before but I had not. It was delicious. I now love Thi food.
We then finished off the evening with a musical play/comedy. "Anything Goes" it was pretty good. I was getting so tired by that point that I had a hard time staying awake, but it was tons of fun.

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