Monday, January 18, 2010

New Zealand Highlights-"Arrival"

Our trip to New Zealand was so amazing. I am just going to give you a few highlights of the trip. If I tell you everything I will be here blogging for days, because we did and saw so much. I will post this in several different posts in order to keep it organized.

The biggest hurdle to the trip was getting there. Our journey began on Saturday January 9th. Alyssa took us to the airport. We flew from SLC to San Francisco. Once we were in Frisco we had a 6 hour layover

After hours of waiting we started to see a few of the other people we were traveling with start to arrive. We were then able to board "Air New Zealand" for a 15 hour flight to Auckland, New Zealand. Well for me the flight was not to bad. You see I have been blessed with a wonderful talent of sleeping anywhere and everywhere. So I slept for most of the trip.

So once we arrived in Auckland we had another 2 hour layover before boarding another aircraft for Christchurch, New Zealand were we would be start our amazing adventure. Getting through customs was not too bad and then we were met by our tour company which took care of us the entire trip. OHHH did I mention that we crossed the international date line so we are already to Monday.

Kia Ora- which means welcome in New Zealand . We were booked in the "Millennium" hotel which was in the middle of the city. Here is the view from our room. We were a little tired once we check in, but decided to just keep going so we could quickly get our bodies on New Zealand time. So we started the day off by walking around the city.

The city is so clean and beautiful. We walked through a museam and then strolled through the "Christchurch Botanical Gardens". The roses and hydanges were so huge. Wish my backyard looked this good.

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