Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 6-New Zealand "Walter Peak Farm, Gondola, Luge"

On day 6 we started the day out with breakfast at the hotel. We then made our way to the lobby to meet our tour guide. Our tour group then walked downtown to the pier. Once at the pier we climbed aboard the TSS Earnslaw. This boat is believed to be the oldest working coal-fired steamship. Fred was mesmerized with the engine room. The ride was 30 minutes across the beautiful Lake Wakatipu. This farm was amazing. We watched the sheep dog in action, witnessed a sheep being sheared (like I had never see that before-haha) and took in the scenery as well as the other animals on the farm. We then got back on the TSS Earnslaw for another 30 minute ride back to town.
Once we got back in town we decided to get a birds eye view of the town and took the Skyline gondola up the mountain. This gondola is the steepest in the world. Once we got to the top we enjoyed the scenic views and hiked around.

Another fun acticity was the Luge rides at the top... Whoa! this was fun... it's a gravity based sled ride around the mountain. We did that several times.
For those adventurous souls they had a very fun bungy and sky swing on the top as well. Can you see that little green hut above the trees. (yes the top hut) They strap you in bungy cords and a sling and you take a running leap off that hut into mid air. YIKES. Friend Michelle and her daughter did this. Michelle you are my hero. She has some great photos to prove she did it. I am a big chicken and stuck to the Luge.
Once we got back to town we did some souvenir shopping and then headed back to the hotel. That evening was our closing reception. CTMH treated us to a fantastic dinner at the "Prime" restaurant. Dinner took three hours, but we did tons of socializing. We sat at a huge table with Cindy and Ron Denning, Chris and Scott Hill, Michelle Snyder and her daughter, Michelle Loader and her daughter, Shari and Stacey Foerming.

It was a great and fun day. For tomorrow afternoon we fly home.

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