Friday, January 8, 2010

Grace Layouts

Good day everyone. Today I will be posting the workshop layouts from last month (Grace) and this month (Sweet Home) for those of you that didn't finish. These Grace layouts are so fun. You might try printing your photos in sepia for these layouts. The sepia gives the layouts such a warm feeling. I think I will print in sepia when I put photos on the third layout which as you can see has no photos on it.
Layout one was our family at Thanksgiving time looking at the Christmas lights at Temple Square. It's the perfect layout for family
Layout two is Rachael and her dorm life last year as a freshman. Someday she will be so glad to look back and remember her dorm. However right now she is grateful she no longer lives in the dorms.

Layouts were inpired by my upline and BFF Karen.

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